The rising cost of gaming in the 21st century

Game makers are trying to squeeze more money and personal information out of their customers while giving them less.

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illegalyouth2633d ago

I fear I will one day be priced out of video games. Well, maybe just consoles. I'll still have cool, cheap indie games on PC!

iamnsuperman2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Do not be stupid. "Priced out" are you mad. They need us to buy the games to survive. They will push it a little further before realising the limit. Look at the PS3 when launched. Sony pushed the limit and realised. Are we going to get a really expensive console next time. No. No company is that stupid.

What we will get is a game and then we can unlock DLC for extra missions. Stuff we do not really have to buy. The luxury stuff

crazytown992633d ago

I don't mind buying add-on DLC, but when they're selling stuff that's clearly just levels cut out of the middle of the game I start to have a problem with it.

NagaSotuva2633d ago

The full MK9 experience will set you back more than $80. That's a fatality on my wallet.

RockYou2633d ago

It's only like a day and a half's work getting paid at minimum wage....

Lazy_Sunday2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

After food, bills, insurance, gasoline, savings and rent, at minimum wage even full time, $80 is a lot of money. Unless you're living with your parents and they pay your insurance.

Sadie21002633d ago

What about Call of Duty Black Ops? I can't even imagine what all those map packs add up to be.

BroGamer2633d ago

An interesting read, gaming is expensive but some of the consoles previously in the 90s were outrageously expensive, as were the games.

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