Batman: Arkham City PAX 2011 Hands-On Preview - GotGame

This isn’t a video game. You cannot convince me what happened at PAX was a video game. No, I was the goddamn Batman. I was being surrounded by goons and with a few swift, fluid moments, I had them all on the ground in agony. Then a shot my grapple up toward the roof of a building and glided across the hazy, eerily dark Gotham City skyline as I looked down for more crime to fight. I totally felt it, it was real. It had to be because I also stealthily broke into Two-Face’s hide out, eliminated his minions with some vicious kicks and cat-like acrobatics while rocking a skin-tight suit that hugged my thighs…Ok, that one doesn’t sound quite right. I wasn’t Catwoman, I was just playing a game as her. But I was Batman.

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