Kinect: Better with Child of Eden?

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Microsoft recently stated that on September 6th they are releasing a limited-time bundle of Kinect that includes Child of Eden. Is the addition of this game for free enough to push fence-sitters into Kinect territory? Read in to find out!

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Raven_Nomad2637d ago

Child Of Eden was the first Kinect game that wasn't like a party type of game. It works wonderfully with the device. I played Child Of Eden with and without Kinect and I must say it plays like it was designed specifically for Kinect. I play on my 55 inch lED and it's like something out of the future, the gestures and everything worked perfectly!

So I'd say if you were looking towards a solid non party Kinect title, then go for this game. With Gunstringer and Rise Of Nightmares on the way, there is plenty of content that isn't in the party game or workout/dance genre.

Tired2637d ago

i wonder if they'll patch it for 3d?

Venox20082636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

what not smart people could disagree about this.. BTW: Child of eden is awesome!!!

RyanDJ2637d ago

Kinect may have many naysayers, but I am VERY excited as to what Microsoft will do with the tech next generation. Kinect 2 is bound to be amazing, especially if they start hiring these people who are making PC apps for the device.

from the beach2637d ago

Clever headline! COE was great, hopefully this bundle means more people will get to play it in its most perfect control arrangement ;)

Ayepecks2636d ago

Anyone who has actually played the game would know that it is indeed better with Kinect. Anyone who hasn't will just vote "disagree" on all the statements that say as much, though.

Kinect isn't a good option for most games, but it's great for Child of Eden and the games that are designed from the ground-up for it.

callahan092636d ago

I disagreed because I *have* played it with Kinect and I *do* like it better with the normal controller. It plays faster and responds better and the camera is easier to keep in control. It all comes down to opinion.

RyanDJ2636d ago

While I love it with Kinect, I know many who don't, or can't. I work in a field with individuals with disabilities. Those with hand control problems are helped, wheelchair bound gamers tend to be hurt. Wrote another article over at GoozerNation a long time ago. Click to this story, and use the search box to find Motion Controls: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Shadonic2636d ago

they should seriously implement 3D into like action packed kinect games like rise of nightmare or kinect starwars and child of eden it would make the experience even better. that would be amazing.

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