Deus Ex: Human Revolution Security Keycodes

GameFront "Tired of hacking all those security panels, laser grids, bomb panels, and safes? The men-in-black at Game Front are too, and they’re here to help by providing this quick and dirty run-down of every available numerical keycode to break into those secure locations."

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kramun2576d ago

Yeah, that doesn't take much away from the gameplay aye? Why anyone would look for the keycodes on the internet is beyond me, it takes away a lot of the fun of the game.

mrmancs2576d ago

i agree why would you want to ruin this fkin awesome game? loving every moment of it , trying to get the low down on the dead girl in police station at the moment think im gonna have to wait till later on till i get me invisibility aug installed,, love it!!

Errod882576d ago

I love the hacking game its so much fun.

Agent_00_Revan2576d ago

I hack even if i have the password/keycodes. get plenty of exp that way. you get nothing for using the codes.