The Big 5 Games Of September

"It’s finally that time of year again. Where wallets bleed and nerds cry, because the onslaught of big name titles hits us like Irene did the east coast of the United States. I’m excited for the flood of games and will be playing as many as I can, but not all of us can get everything, so here’s the 5 you definitely SHOULD put on your list to play this month."

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gameguru2637d ago

All I want is Gears 3. End of story

guitarded772637d ago

You must only own one console... sad for you :(

chriski3332637d ago

Getting resistance 3 day1 and maybe gears3 not sure yet

solideagle12637d ago

i would be really really surprised if ICO and SOTC HD collection outsells R3. R3 is getting very low marketing as of lately.


NoobJobz2636d ago

Because he only wants Gears 3, it means he only has one console? I have all systems and still the only game I want is Gears out of that list.

FragGen2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I own R1 and R2 and honestly I will wait for R3 to hit the bargain bin unless it metascores or demos really well. I'm just not sure this IP is not declining after going R1->R2 and BF3 is right around the corner.

My "take a chance" game for Sept is Space Marine.

From that list the only game I'm "day one"ing is Gears.

GameGambits2636d ago

There's a lot of solid titles this month for every type of gamer. From niche JRPG titles, to big AAA shooters. Seems like everyone should have something they want to snag.

These 5 games are just the ones that have gotten more buzz around them than the ones not mentioned. Will they be THE best? Time will tell. Are they all MUST play? Depends on your tastes, but all 5 are something I would rent in a heartbeat to at least experience, and if I was a rich gajillionaire I'd buy them all. :P

Neckbear2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

The fifth is a sport game.

The fourth looks not only unappealing for me, but derives into ridiculousness like a parody of everything that's wrong with first person games of today; with a terrible HUD that tells you everything to do, EXTREEEMEEE animations and such a weak, cliche concept and, for what it seems, execution, it's even sadder people will like praise it at all, if it does happen.

The third is a game from a series that just doesn't have enough to stand out. Many are doubtful after Resistance 2, as well.

The second is a re-release of two games I already own.

And the first is the third entry in a series of generic dudebro third person shooters that just happens to be popular.

What a great list!

TheFact0032637d ago

Wtf is wrong with you? Because you only seem to point out the negatives in everything

RedDead2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

The fifth is a good game

The fourth is such a cliche concept that has never been done in gaming(and deserves the praise)

Resistance agreed

The second I agree but might get anyway

Gears 3 beta. Hands down one of the top games this year

Baka-akaB2637d ago


Still i can understand his annoyance with those lists pretending each of those games are MUST HAVE

nintenflo2637d ago

To be fair I completely agree with you about gears.
I recently purchased gears 2 and it's a terrible game - slow, boring, tedious with super on rails gameplay! Don't even get me started on multiplayer!!!

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Baka-akaB2637d ago

i'll pretend to not be following the herd . I'll still get a mainstream popular title like PEs 12 , but also stuff like Atelier Totori , tales of Xilia .

Kee2637d ago

Dead island and resistance 3 for me :)

joab7772637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

The writer says w all the games these r the 5 u should get...5? There's no way to play 5. Im halfway through deus ex. Ill get r3 and hopefully gears3 but damn. Everything has to b done by oct cuz then the real fun starts. Im happy though games like gears and uncharted may nav to wait til 2012.

Ill b honest. Why do companies do this? There's no way dead island will sell better im sept then it would nav at the beginning of august. They need to start releasing in dead months too.

BattleTorn2637d ago

So true. Was Dead Island originally set for August?
I don't understand why they don't why publishers are so set on the Sept-Dec holiday rush.

Dead Island has an Arcadish style to it, and would have done just as well, if not better, released in the summer.

nintenflo2636d ago

Game companys need to realise that just because it's summer time dosent mean that we don't want games!! I've been dying for some new games all summer, now were gonna get a overload of games and most people can't afford more than a few of them!
Releasing games like dead island now is stupid as it's going to get lost amongst the glut of games being released, if they had released it in June/July I would probably have bought it but now no chance!

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