Deadly Premonition's Raincoat Killer could get own game

The Raincoat Killer, the axe-wielding villain from Deadly Premonition, could eventually star in his own spin-off game, Swery 65, the creator of Deadly Premonition, told at gamescom last month.

"I can't talk about everything," he said. "One thing I'm working on right now is a new project, I'm working on a prototype for that. Another is a Deadly Premonition-related thing.

"There are many paths that I'm still considering, in that regard. A prequel is definitely one of the paths I still have in mind. Another approach is like a spin-off from Deadly Premonition where the main character would be the Raincoat Killer. That might be a cool idea. Other ideas involve ways of trying to get people who haven’t played Deadly Premonition to do that, but I'm still thinking about ways to do that!"

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Most underated game in the world.

Rocket Sauce2632d ago

I'd love it if they just dismissed the first game's ending as an insane fever dream (which is not really a stretch) and went on from there with sequels.

Francis York Morgan is one of the coolest characters ever in a game. I mean, the dude fishes for evidence...literally...with bait and a hook.