Batman Arkham Asylum For 99 cents on Onlive

Gamertag Radio writes: "Help OnLive reach 45,000 fans by the end of Labor Day weekend and they'll make it happen."

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BiggCMan2632d ago

That's one hell of a deal for simply clicking a button on Facebook.

Hozi892632d ago

I'm not interested but I will click the button anyways. It's nice to see things like this happening.

Sarcasmology2632d ago

Only 45,000?

"Someone...please like me...I'm so lonely"

SilentNegotiator2632d ago

Does Onlive HAVE 45,000 users? lol

Studio-YaMi2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Is onlive really any good ?
I think the idea behind it is pretty impressive,but I mean on the long run,do you see this service being a success ?

am afraid to subscribe to them,since it might fail one day,and if that happens,you have nothing to gain ! no physical copies or any other redeeming factor to what you have paid good money for!

So,should I subscribe to them ? or should I just skip on it and wait a little longer until the service is solid and optimised ? what really makes me re-think about subscribing is that my PC is crap,and I really don't have the time or the money for a new one,and seeing as the idea behind Onlive is just streaming the game on your internet network into a browser,that makes me feel like it's worth it instead of rebuilding my PC over and over again in every two years or so.

sorry for the rant lol :P~

OcularVision2632d ago

OnLive isn't worth it unless you got great upload and download speeds of over 20mbps down and at least 10mbps up. The other problem is the bandwidth cap that you probably have. If you're with comcast, the 250gb/month still wouldnt be enough for the hardcore gamer.

2pacalypsenow2632d ago

How good is Onlive cuz i played a trial version of Aliens vs predators and it looked like trash, are all the games like that?

smoothdude2631d ago

I bought borderlands game of the year edition because it was on sale for $5. I wanted to see for myself if it was any good.

While the service is fair, it is far from good. The same game was $5 on Steam, and everything about the version on Steam was superior from graphics to controls.

Now I am on a wireless G router, which of course can affect things, however, I am getting a wireless N router today, and I will also try a wired connection.

I did end up buying Batman AA for 99 cents because that a good price to try something out.

I honestly don't believe that this is the way of the future. There is just no way that they can match the quality of a game run directly from your machine. Another problem with Onlive that I have seen is that they don't patch the games.