Kick it Old School with Fist Puncher

Team2Bit is looking to return to the glory days of mashing square fists into rectangular faces. Fist Puncher features 4-player local co-op to go along with some prettty ridiculous stereotypical characters, such as the disgraced sports star looking to redeem himself and the once noble war veteran who has fallen on hard times.

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DanielRCampbell2634d ago

That actually looks pretty awesome. Likely going to pick this one up just for the nostalgia trip.

3GenGames2633d ago

Pretty good, but Retro City Rampage will kill it as an old-school game. But the more retro-styled games, the better in my book!

MikeJWall2632d ago

They're totally different types of games (and price points), but RCR looks awesome too.

NMC20072633d ago

The black character with the red shirt reminds me of Freight Train aka Cleveland's Dad from The Cleveland Show. lol

skyblue142132633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I like the brawler fighting genre. Imo, currently the best brawler game that I have played is streets of rage remake. Best of all streets of rage remake is free and for the pc. I highly recommend streets of rage remake to any fan of the streets of rage series or any fan of the the brawler fighting genre.

JellyJelly2633d ago

Looks very good for a XBL Indie game.

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