The Start Point - Cover Systems

Welcome one and all to this week’s edition of The Start Point. Today I am going to be focusing on the ‘synonymous-with-brown-games’ cover system. The cover system is in pretty much every 3rd person game nowadays as well as popping up in various strange genres like RPGs (Alpha Protocol and Mass Effect) and Stealth games (Hitman Absolution, Metal Gear Solid).

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xVeZx2636d ago

i like cover systems because i like being behind a wall and knowing that im safe not like in cod or bf where i can couch behind a rock only to watch in a killcam that my pinky toe was showing....cod and bf were just examples i dont think they should have cover their multiplayer...the single player on the other hand i think they should implement a killzone first person cover system....why should the bad guys be the only ones with a cover system in those games?