Sony: 3 Million New PSN Users Since Restoration

Gamasutra: Following the PlayStation Network breach earlier this year, Sony has now said that sales via its online gaming service are currently exceeding those from before the attack.

As part of a Sony conference at the IFA electronics show, and as reported by technology site Cnet, Sony CEO Howard Stringer explained that the network has recovered and is now doing better than before, with 3 million new customers since coming back online.

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LOGICWINS2636d ago

3 million new customers or 3 million new accounts? Theres a difference. Anyways, good to see that Sony is bouncing back.

CoReI5K2636d ago

More likely new accounts :)

hadouken0072636d ago

New accounts still means more users, even if its half that number, or do u just wanna down play anything Sony related?

buddymagoo2636d ago

There will always be people signing up to the PSN because it is free. Nothing wrong with that people just want to be a part of the community and the sooner the better.

ksense2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

love how everybody keep saying alternate accounts. please explain how sales have increased if they were all alternate accounts. I have kinda bought more stuff after the outage for some reason. I have an alternate EU account too a while back I opened to download a demo but lets not get carried away and say most of them are. maybe 1/3rd of them if i have to take a guess.

LOGICWINS2636d ago

"love how everybody keep saying alternate accounts. please explain how sales have increased if they were all alternate accounts."

No one said they were ALL alternate accounts...just new accounts.

darthv722636d ago

so yeah I can see a surge in new accounts. The free games. I only have the one but I could have created two more and gotten more free stuff.

I chose not to work the system though. Didnt want to pad the numbers like some of my friends do.

MrBeatdown2635d ago


It didn't work that way. You had to have an account before PSN went down to qualify for the free games.

jetlian2635d ago

well l lost an account and sony doesn't know what happened to it! well guess i'll be getting some games free lol

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gw4k2636d ago

I probably count for about 1.5 million of those accounts. I like to sit around and create them when I have some free time.


Come on, that was funny right?

LOGICWINS2636d ago

Having multiple accounts is awesome! Took advantage of that during the Welcome Back Period :)

ksense2636d ago

miDnIghtEr + 23m ago
LMAO.. 3 million users had to make new accounts!

units + 42m ago
3 million alternate accounts

I understand I may have exaggerated when I said ALL of them saying they are alternate accounts but most of them do imply that the majority is alternate accounts

SITH2636d ago

Regardless it is 3 million people with faith in psn.

LNDCalling2636d ago

Indeed.. No doubt some are duplicates / multiple accounts.. But sales are up so thats all that really matters (PSN wise).

CGI-Quality2636d ago

Exactly. It's 3 million accounts trusting enough to use the service. The rest is irrelevant.

Since the restoration, I find more people in multi-player lobbies as well. If the hack incident did anything, it got even more people talking about Sony.

gamingdroid2636d ago

So will Sony now fix the dreaded under maintenance page on their website?

I still get those....


Imagine MS having 3mill gold accounts$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$

SITH2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

That would be pathetically sad given there are 50+ million Xbox live accounts. 30+ million are gold as reported January 2011.

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units2636d ago ShowReplies(1)
-Alpha2636d ago

Doesn't say if it's just PlayStation or not. Regardless, I don't really care, doesn't affect me

Danlisa2636d ago

Sony just ballsed the password reset in many regions (UK included) so people just started a new PSN ID. Nobody does positive spin like Sony. ;)

Drekken2636d ago

Yeah I am sure everyone that forgot their password gave up their trophies and friends for a new account.

PS - Putting a smile at the end of your asinine statement doesn't make it cute.

buffycrp2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

It happened if you cant restore your pass you have to start again it is a pain but it can and did happen. It doesn't matter if you got trophies if you cant do something you cant do it.

Drekken2636d ago

Its called: pick up a phone and call customer support. No one is going to accept losing years of work because a computer glitch. Free or Not... all trophies and all purchases on the store gone because of a password glitch? BS.

If Sony can clear your account activations, they can reset your password.

Dark_king2636d ago

Drekken your right all anyone needed to do was call customer support.Even if they made up a email everyone was able to get their account back.An who would just let the games they bought go.Trophies maybe but what I spend my hard earned money on hell no.

Happythedog2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

When your the big man on campus they are always those people tthat try to make him look bad.

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buffycrp2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

It must be new accounts therefore its anything up to 3mill new customers tho many could be alt accounts, new customers probably closer to 1 to 1.5 million or maybe even less due to account password resets problems. Sony are just trying to put a positive spin on it like other companies do all the time.

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