What's FXAA? Nvidia Explains Superb New Anti-Aliasing Features

Nvidia explains the new driver feature FXAA for Nvidia graphics cards.l That makes Anti-Aliasing possible for any game on the PC.

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DragonKnight2631d ago

Greeeeeeaaattt. Now we'll be seeing this ad nauseum in graphics "discussions" all over the place. *sigh*

Guess it can't be helped.

I'll start. *Ahem* "Less jaggies FTW, consoles won't be able to use this, another reason PC iz teh bestest"

Now continue...

dark-hollow2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

On a serious note, the gap between the pcs and the consoles are getting wider by the day.
It can't be deniable!
Since I saw battlefield 3.....

3GenGames2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

And it looks _incredible_ with current technology, I'm sure it doesn't use this new NVidia feature. So, looks like you don't need it then anyway.

ATi_Elite2631d ago

A blurry friggin mess just like MLAA!!

FXAA is so low end graphics cards can provide "some kind of AA" without sacrificing Frames per second.

Real AA like MSAA or SSAA put a beat down on low to mid-low end graphics cards. BUT if you have a Entry Level card then FXAA is the way to go cause "some AA" is better than "No AA"

MSAA and SSAA eliminate the jaggies but keep the picture SHARP and CRISP.

TheIneffableBob2631d ago

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has both MLAA and FXAA as anti-aliasing options.

FXAA looks better than MLAA and the picture is still sharp. However, there are still noticeable jaggies. I don't think it does as good a job as MSAA, at least this particular implementation. I know that there are updated versions of FXAA that work better.

jakethesnake2631d ago

Exactly. New does not equal better. MSAA and SSAA are still the way to go if you can make it happen.

Farsendor12631d ago

know you guys are being sarcastic but it is the truth consoles have their with exclusive games but pc games have the quality and the features to surpass the console ports.

TheGameMan2631d ago

consoles were cool in 2005 and 2006, it is and has been pc's time since 2007, it will not be the time for consoles to shine again until new ones are released, not that I'm not looking forward to uncharted 3 and gears 3 and resistance 3, and obviously DARK FREAKING SOULS!!!

But the general experience on consoles has not been one that has wowed me in any way, shape or form since uncharted 2.

And after uncharted 2, nothing will wow me on console until we get new ones!

ufo8mycat2631d ago

PC's time was way back in 2000 when it actually had games.

Now they can all be played on consoles, except for The Witcher 2 and Diablo 3. Wow 2 games.

It's all about gameplay, not graphics, so using that as an argument is pointless.

Theres only 2 games I am playing on my PC (The Witcher 2 and soon to be released Diablo 3), compared to the exclusives and multiplatform games I can already play on my PS3 or 360.

Compare this to 2000 where the PC platform had quite a few games to play.

The platform is just not the same anymore.

TheGameMan2631d ago

why on earth or any other planet in the known universe would you play a multiplat game on console if you have a pc that runs the witcher 2????


the average, AVERAGE console resolution is about 1100x680 (factor in all the super sub hd games like alan wake (940x540) )

the consoles have virtually no anti aliasing and normally look very jaggie

no mods

more money

less control options don't really have a gaming pc do you??

I play every game I can on pc first without even a moments pause, if it is some console exclusive I am intrested in, I rent

Persistantthug2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

and Diablo 3 has pretty much been outed as coming to consoles for quite a while too.

For the most part I agree with you.....just lettin you know in case you didn't know.

For the record, Most of the popular new launch games aren't cheaper on PC.
Case in point:
RAGE = $59.99 on Steam
SKYRIM = $59.99 on Steam
MW3 = $59.99 on steam.

Black Ops was also $60 at launch, and so was Dead Space 2, Dragon Age 2, and Crysis 2.

Also, many people like physical copies (such as myself), and Consoles tend to be more user friendly.

No big deal, just sayin.

radphil2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

For the record, Most of the popular new launch games aren't cheaper on PC.
Case in point:
RAGE = $59.99 on Steam
SKYRIM = $59.99 on Steam
MW3 = $59.99 on steam.

Black Ops was also $60 at launch, and so was Dead Space 2, Dragon Age 2, and Crysis 2.

No big deal, just sayin."

It's the fault of them pushing consoles' price point and them getting away with that.

Keyword they're NOW popular, and they've been trying to force that price point onto PC users.

There's many games still at the $50 point, sometimes even cheaper.

TheGameMan2631d ago

i agreed with u, consoles are more user friendly for sure and i love a ton of console games, i even play my ps2 somtimes, but, what i was saying, if you got a mid range to sweet ass gaming rig, why play multi's on console, pc version always looks better and runs better....with a decent pc

wallis2631d ago

Firstly, is it me or did this whole topic get severely hijacked into a stupid console war? Who gives a crap whether you play an xbox or a pc, you still play games and you still enjoy them. Even if you magically win the argument and prove that your console is best it hardly means you've won at life. It literally gives you no personal merit whatsoever. You didn't make the damn thing so why are you proud? Proud that you went to the shop and bought something? Congratulations you've proven you're capable of a very very very very very very basic modern day human function.

Secondly, after spending so long on n4g it has now reached the point where the main defining feature of the german people is now an obsession with graphics. It's like a 99% chance that if an article is like "AMAZING NEW MOD FOR CRYSIS/GTA" chances are it's German. Not that I mind or anything but I kind of feel that a German article, written in German, might be more at home on a... oh well I don't know, a German website!?

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