Will you buy the new Xbox 360-styled controller for your PS3?

PSU: We’re very happy with our DualShock 3 controller for PlayStation 3, but it seems that others maybe aren’t so keen. Talking with Speedlink at GamesCom 2011, we discovered that the peripheral manufacturer is on the verge of releasing a curious new product, the XEOX Wireless gamepad for PS3.

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gw4k2635d ago

I personally will. I've been a fan of the 360 controller since launch. I even did a personal controller mod (replaced the guts of the 360 controller with those of the PS3). Sadly it broke a few months back.

LOGICWINS2635d ago

I like the 360 controller, but I always use the R1 button for PS3 shooters, not the triggers. So I have no need to buy a new controller.

buddymagoo2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I would buy this if it was bluetooth but no doubt it will come with a silly dongle that will take up one of my USB ports. The Raven by Niko was just the same.
Been done ages ago by Niko with the Raven. Nothing new to see here.

Peppino72635d ago

One of my favorite things about the ps3 is the dualshock. It just fits perfect in my hands. And they havent changed it because it doesnt need to be. The 360 controller is bigger than my comfort level desires. Plus the d pad is garbage.

DeFFeR2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I just hope that the controller has the same weight as the 360 controller - it gives it some heft and feels good in my hands.

I like the ergonomic design of the 360 controller more than the DS3, but I play my PS3 a little more than my 360 - so this will be nice.

@Peppino7 above: We're exact opposites, other than the D-pad. I feel clumsy with the DS3.

-Alpha2635d ago (Edited 2634d ago )


They did change it though: they added triggers, the analog sticks became looser and has less resistance and grip, and the rumble, from what I notice, is weaker than that of the DS2. They even took out the sparkles of DS2! (Teh sparklez!!)

Anybody with a DS2, compare how different it feels to SIXAXIS and DS3. Especially the analog sticks, I'm pretty surprised at how many people seem to forget

Brosy2634d ago

This might finally give me a reason to buy a PS3. The controller is the biggest reason I havent bought one yet. I cant stand the playstation controller.

gamingdroid2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

I love the Xbox 360 controller, and considered buying that converter to PS3 that adds a little latency, but it just wasn't worth the cost.

If this is high quality like the Xbox 360 controller, I might just get it and actually use my PS3 more.

SilentNegotiator2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

After three generations of using the dualshock, having played with the xbox controller has not changed anything for me.

The myths are that the ps3 controller is "small" and doesn't contour to your hands as much. These are ridiculous baloney-filled lies. Anyone with a ps3 and 360 (ie myself) can easily put the two side by side and see two things; they're almost the exact same size, and the only thing that makes the dualshock supposedly have less contour is gap between the face button area and R1/L1 - and that definitely does NOT cause any sort of distress.

The only real differences is that the dualshock controller doesn't have the dents in the control sticks (not a problem if you don't have "KFC fingers"), the battery case doesn't need to be taped to stay on after less than a year of use, and the 360 controller has the triggers (Developers with any sort of brains will program shooting to the L1/R1 for the ps3 version anyway. And for the games that don't, $5 or less after-market trigger attachments solve all woes - you're already saving more than that, thanks to the rechargable batteries being built in).

The minor differences are only played upon by fanboys. The controllers really don't have that many meaningful differences and anyone not looking for problems should have no issue switching between the two.

Kleptic2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

^^totally agree...

I grew up on Dualshock controllers...I was 12 when the first PS1 controllers released, and THAT was small...the DS1 released a year or 2 later, and it has been perfect for me ever since...

I don't know much about random hand sizes...I know I have to buy XL snowboarding gloves, or biking gloves every few years...but it seems that the norm for most people I know...and i've never felt like a DS1, 2, or 3 as 'small'...if anything when I was younger it felt too big...

but for me its just what you said...i can't stand asymmetrical just mixes my hands up for no reason...and I played hundreds of hours of Halo in college, so it wasn't a matter of 'just get used to it'...I did fine, I just never preferred it over a DS's layout...

when CoD 4 released we had a Ps3 and a 360 in our apartment...went back and forth between the two a lot...still preferred R1 as a firing button over a trigger anyday also...squeezing off 3 round bursts out of an M16A4 with a simple bump on the DS3 compared to a spongy trigger (which is not what real guns have in the first place)...just felt much more natural...

won't even touch on the d-pad differences...

to each their own i guess...

pixelsword2634d ago

Make the DS3 1/3 bigger and all problems are solved.

DeFFeR2634d ago

I love how people disagree with someones personal preferences...

I like a controller with a little heft.

I like a controller

I like. <---- this is the part where I'm not telling you what to like or how to live your life.

Disagree all you want idiots.

This is the reason I hate this website - disagrees for anything pro/con on either side of the (retarded...) fanboy war.

Ares842634d ago

I think the DS3 is the best controller. One of the reasons I didn't get a 360 IS because of the controller. For me it's very uncomfortable to play with. I'm just too used to the Playstation controllers.

Commander_TK2634d ago

U could just buy the Power A Pro Elite or the Shadow controller for the PS3. Great alternatives and cheap too.

pixelsword2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

@ DeFFeR:

Don't take it personally; I get massive disagrees all of the time (see above); and it doesn't bother me at all.

Most of them are from people who can't make a logical point so they just hit it and quit it; so if they can't defend their stance, then you wouldn't want to hear from someone who isn't capable of making sense in the first place.

I either answer what I think is fitting or let my girlfriend post crap; she's actually pretty funny when she's not in the kitchen (she'll kill me when she reads this lol).

Christopher2634d ago

Personally, I've been able to use both controllers perfectly fine and without any noticeable difference. So, no need to buy anything other than the default for both systems.

JustinSaneV22634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Dimension wise the only real difference between the two is the DS3 is about half of an inch shorter in width than the Xbox 360 controller. The real differences lie in the placement of the buttons/sticks, physical operation of the triggers, and the thickness of the "wings" on the bottom left/right of the controllers.

This is going to vary from person to person as hand size are not universal but for me the Xbox 360 is a much more ergonomical controller. The thicker and more rounded "wings" of the Xbox 360 controller conform perfectly to the palms of my hands and my middle, ring, and pinky fingers rest in a natural position underneath the controller thanks the extra bulk. At rest my thumbs lie on the left thumb stick and X/A buttons and my index fingers rest on the triggers. Pressing the triggers is natural feeling but reaching up the bumpers is a bit awkward. Reaching for the right-thumbstick feels slightly off due to the tall height of the stick (it would be nice if they shortened it) but the stretching is minimal and support given by "wings" offsets most discomort.

The DS3 on the otherhand has a very awkward feel in my hands. I can use but after a shortwhile my hands begin to feel quite strained. I believe that has to do with three aspects of the controller:
- When I place my thumbs on the thumbsticks there is more overlap from my thumbs which when coupled with the convex nature of the thumbgrips makes the thumbs feel less precise. Compensating for this overlap requires a fair bit of stretching on my thumbs part which is quite discomforting (more so because of the next issue).
- the "wings" of DS3 are thinner and less tapered than the Xbox 360 controller. There is little support for my palm and this results in the controller feeling "small" (which I'm sure is why many others believe the controller is smaller than it's opposite). This lack of palm support makes thumb movement rather strenuous.
- the triggers are horribly unwieldy. Much like the thumbsticks the triggers surface is convex. This coupled with the awkward down and back motion required to press the trigger makes the whole thing ungraceful and rather troublesome.

I do, however, LOVE how lightweight the DS3 controller is as well as its dpad. The Xbox 360 controller has got nothing on those two aspects.

Like I said earlier the experience WILL VARY from person to person. What I said will not apply to everyone. THESE ARE JUST MY OPINIONS AND OBSERVATIONS FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

pixelsword2634d ago Show
kaveti66162634d ago


I have both. I prefer the 360 controller. There goes your generalized claims.

wlchrbandit2634d ago

@DeFFeR Don't think of the disagrees as people saying you are wrong, it's not that at all. Think of it as someone sharing their opinion on the same topic.. if that makes sense.

If you were having a conversation about gaming controllers with a group of people and you put across that you'd like the controller to be bigger, you would then expect some people to agree that this would be good and some people to prefer it the way it is.

Just because they disagree with your opinion doesn't mean they're saying your opinion is wrong.

snipes1012634d ago

I love the 360 controller. The DS3 is a big step down from the DS2 if you ask me. The joysticks feel all loose and I never feel in control. This will probably give my PS3 a little more traffic now.

EVILDEAD3602634d ago

I only hate the DS3 for shooters. The 360 controller works like a dream for shooters.

I actually bought the older '360 imitation' controller for the PS3. It worked ok for some games but you needed the official controller for certain games or it didn't work as well.

It has been done before, but if this is a better can count me in.


NCAzrael2634d ago

Hell no. The only thing I like about the 360 controller is the shape of the trigger buttons. I prefer the symmetrical analog sticks and the fact that the stupid battery compartment doesn't get in my way when I'm stretching out my fingers without letting go of the controller.

Hairy Chewie2634d ago

I used to hate the 360 controller, till I bought one to use with my PC. I still prefer the PS3 controller. People just need to bunch up and quit complaining and just use the controllers they've got. It isn't that big of a deal.

Kurt Russell2634d ago

I use the PS3 controller for the PS3 and the 360 controller for the 360. I don't prefer either, both are as easy as each other to use... I can't believe this has sparked so much debate. It's like a room full of bickering old ladies.

RedDevils2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

People seem to care so much about a stupid controller, I used what ever controller that work and still play perfectly fine I still don't get the problem, maybe the only downside for PS3 is the L2&R2 button that about it, and same goes for 360 with their D-pad which is garbage when you want to play a football games or fighting games. I think people got too much time to moan

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jriquelme_paraguay2635d ago

i will love a DS3 more robust, and better trigers

i only make this for my FPS games :D

-Alpha2635d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

That's cool. PS3's analog sticks are so slippery and lose compared to what I grew up with on the PS2, I really dislike the change.

DS2's analog sticks perform even better than the 360's. It has incredible grip and resistance while being placed just right (don't like 360's placement)

I don't know why DS3 is so much weaker. Even the rumble was better and the L2/R2 area used to be so comfortable on the DS2

All Sony needs to really do is bring back stronger rumble, old school analog sticks from PS2 and fix the damn triggers. Actually, just bring back old-school L2/R2, we don't even need triggers tbh.

They should make an official jumbo model for the people who complain about it being too small too, then I imagine that it'd be perfect.

sikbeta2634d ago

I'm cool with the sticks, but the DualShock really needs some real triggers, at least L1+R1, like the GameCube pad

-Alpha2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Gamecube controller FTW! I'd pick up a GC controller just to press the trigger.

cb4g2634d ago

For me, the DS3 analog sticks feel smoother and more comfortable for my thumbs whereas the DS2s I have for my PS2 feels less controlled and jerky. I agree about the rumble being a bit soft but I've gotten used to the intitial awkwardness of the L2/R2 triggers.

The size is perfect for me and I've got big hands. I'm probably one of the few people who liked the original Xbox jumbo controller.

-Alpha2634d ago

^Weren't the black and white buttons really annoying? I never really got used to pressing those

Dark_king2634d ago

@Alpha Cloud will yell if they would change L2/R2 back his LBP2 races would be broke.The pressure sensitive buttons he uses for Gas/Breaks.Also Warhawk needs them to stay flying at one speed would be kind crappy.
Now for the article,no I never buy third party controllers they break to quick.Plus my hands are use to the DS design it works and I do have big hands I just don't hold it in my palms but infront of the bottom of my knuckles.Now I would buy a DS that was just 30/50 % larger though.

NiKK_4192634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

I love the ds3, I just wish the handles were bigger and more ergonomic. But, I have the snap on triggers and FPS Freek on the right stick (don't really like it on the left one) and I just hate aiming with the 360 sticks, they just seem to have a less range of motion. I don't, I just don't like the 360 controller. Also, i don't like the concave sticks. I thought I i did before, but I don't. With the ds3 sticks my thumbs roll around on the top of the stick, so the concave sticks on the 360 make the thumbs kind of stick to it, which i don't like.

SilentNegotiator2634d ago

"Weren't the black and white buttons really annoying?"

I always wished that they had kept those AND added the bumper buttons. Controllers can always use more buttons, and I never had a problem with them.

JustinSaneV22634d ago

If you could replace the triggers as well and increase the thickness of the "wings" or grips on the side of the controller then that would be amazing.

ChrisW2634d ago

How about a Colecovision controller?

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VINNIEPAZ2635d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

I would get this in a heartbeat. I love the 360s controller. Only thing wrong with the 360 controller is the sticks material get worn out pretty fast (or I game to much). I'm not a big DS3 fan as my fingers tend to slip off the L2, R2 triggers. Also when using the DS3 I have to slide my right hand down a little and bend my thumb more to get my thumb in the "sweet spot" to press the square button. On the 360 controller my thumb lines up great as it seems a little bigger. Either my hands are to big or Sony need to make their controllers slightly bigger. Maybe the American/Japan hand size ratio is factored in when MS and Sony make these things lol

[email protected] Knuxxx
If I hold the right side of the DS3 in my palm (which is how I play) I have to been the hell outta my thumb. I dont like playing with the controller loose in my hands. With the 360s I can hold the whole side of the controller and not have to do that. Its a fact, what would be any point in making that up?

Knuxxx2634d ago

You sound like you're overcompensating. Either you need to not eat and game, which you shouldn't be anyway, you're trying to play with your palms, or you're flat-out lying. How do I know? well I have big hands myself and I can use both controllers, any controller, with no problem at all. Japanese people aren't as short as you'd think, my fellow gamer. Lets not stereotype

gamesmaster2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

@ Knuxxx why would would anyone lie about something so opinionated like this. It's down to personal preference, regardless of your hand size if something feels big or small to you that's that. People have different notions of comfortable which might not agree with yours.

gamingdroid2634d ago


Was it difficult to replace the guts?

I have seen some guides, but it seems a lot of complicated work.

Dac2u2634d ago

I looked into it about a year ago because I really like the feel of the 360 controller and thought it would be a fun project. I started reading up on the conversion and found that people with far, far better experience with electronics than me were unable to get it to work properly. The only report of a working controller I could ever find was from the guy that actually wrote the guide.

It's possible gw4k is telling the truth, but I don't believe it.

TBM2634d ago

No even in my decent sized hands the dualshock has always been comfortable in them so I see no reason to change what's comfortable.

MysticStrummer2634d ago

Agreed. The DS3 is comfortable in my hands, while the 360 controller feels awkward, so I'd pass on this product and never give it a second thought.

2634d ago
ConstipatedGorilla2634d ago

The only thing I wish Sony would change is their L2 R2 triggers. I wish they would curve up instead of down. Other than that, it's a good controller.

SleazyChimp2634d ago

The only problem I have with the dual shock is that the sticks are not offset. When ever I play FPS my thumbs always bump in to each other while looking left and running right. Aside from that Im good with either controller.

chadachada1232634d ago


You're assuming that everyone that has a PS controller actually likes it. Well, um, not really, since there are no options when purchasing a Playstation for what type of controller you get.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

well the thing is the controls will still be made for the ps3, and for COD people and others that means things like using rb(r1) to shoot, instead of the trigger still.

Most shooting games on ps3 use R1(rb on this pad) to shoot, xbox uses RT(R2 on ps3).

I think that without fully mappable controls this will not have the desired effect(or if they made RT = Rl).

I can use both fine, but I guess some people might get this. From what I can tell tho, you might be stuck using the RB button to shoot instead of the triggers and that would suck. Not sure if anyone knows otherwise tell me.

TBM2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Unlike most gamers I can adapt so I going from one to the other doesn't bother me at all like it does others. I don't see the need to change the DS3 is always comfortable just like the 360 controller is in my hands.

Legion2634d ago

That would be an easy fix if they just add a simple switch to the controller that swaps the RT/RB buttons config.

chriski3332634d ago ShowReplies(2)
subtenko2634d ago

No no no NO!!! (my personal choice)

I just dont like the button layout. The shape of the xbox360 controller I do like ( the smooth form)

Agree of Disagree if you Agree or Disagree

Crazyglues2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

oh yes finally, yes that looks sweet...

Look I don't care about the stupid fanboy war, so hell yeah I'll get one of these... I Play on PS3 but I love my 360 controller - I have both systems and have always wanted to use my 360 controller on my PS3...

So this is cool.. I'll get one and check it out, see if they did it right.. There is indeed a need out there for this..

-and I think it's cool who cares what controller you use you bought it right! Do TV companies ask me if I'm using a different remote then the one that came with the TV, No! because that would be stupid.

It's only Fanboy's that get all crazy and upset about stuff like this... and I could care less what a fanboy thinks...

So yes, I will be getting one, and mod the lights to Blue instead of green... I always liked the 360 controller so it will be cool to have this for my PS3...


Dazel2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

I would try before you buy, the last one I tried felt great, had everything in the right place to. However the dead zone on the sticks was terrible, even though I hate my dual shock 3 its still better than any 3rd party controller.

Maybe this will be better?

REDHULKSMASH2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Both controls are same size, ds3 is wider up top 360 is wider at bottom but not much, its the middle of the 360 controller that makes it look bigger. Easiest thing to do is put each control ontop of eachother.... Very very cLose to call. The 2 things i dont like about the 360 controller is the LOCATION of the direction pad and that it isnt accurate. Sony controller battery life too short.

P.s. R2 and l2 are trigger like just not curved, but they are more trigger like than button like.

t0mmyb0y2634d ago

I've never liked the 360 controller. Long Live Play, I mean PS controller.

hilyou2634d ago

i would be buying this if its under $40. also i just wished that the d pad would hav benn jsut like the dualshock 3! cuz the dualshock d pad is just pure perfection!

Tapewurm2634d ago

I personally prefer the PS3 controller...been hooked ever since the release of the first dual shock controller for Gran Turismo.....most comfortable controller to me, but the S-style xbox controller was pretty sweeet too.

SkylineR2634d ago

I prefer the feel and weight of the Xbox 360 controller over the DS3 too. For some reason I can never get my head around R1, R2, L2, L1 when playing games. I do prefer the DS3 when it comes to fighting games though.
One major flaw imo that the DS3 has is the thumbsticks. I mean who decided to have outwards nubs? My thumbs slide occasionally off them...

otherZinc2634d ago

Gone would be the days when your "thumbs" bump together playing your PS3!

Yes! Day 1 buy!

Oh, is there a true trigger for driving games? If so, Day 1 buy!

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cuguy2635d ago

I would love to add that controller to my collection.. nice!

frostyhat1232634d ago

I love how far down the second comment is!

Agriel2635d ago

I am too use to my DS3 to try something new

2634d ago Replies(2)
porgep2635d ago

This is definitely something I would like to try before I buy. I always like my DualShocks, but truth is when I play with my friends that own a 360, they have a hard time without their controllers.

Agriel2635d ago

Might be a good thing to have in a controller collection for the DS3 disabled :P

iamnsuperman2635d ago

I personally will not. I am not a fan of the 360 controller and have grown up playing with the dualshock. I am used to it and not used to a 360 controller. But that's my opinion

sticky doja2635d ago

I grew up with NES/SNES controllers but that doesn't mean I want to go back to them. I loved the DS controller for the revolution that it was but unfortunatly my hands have outgrown it. Bring on the 360ish PS3 controller, as long as it doesn't have the terribad d-pad.

Hicken2634d ago

The NES/SNES controllers are a far cry from today's controllers... except for the Wii.

What can the 360 controller do that the DS3 can't? That's the thing.

Not only is it the same controller he's used to (and millions of others, myself included), but it is also every bit as capable as any other controller out there.

There's a reason why the Playstation controller's design hasn't changed much in nearly 20 years.

Dark_king2634d ago

@Hicken with the sixaxis it can do more but I really believe A slight increase in the DS3 size would sovle alot of peoples problems.An since the layout wouldn't change DS users would still feel comfortable with it.

2634d ago
boup72634d ago

Totally agree with you Superman. The PS3 DS are perfect for me, I don't like the 360 controllers and never will !!