I Don't Wanna Be A Hero

"Are games a power fantasy? Escapism? They allow us to almost, but not quite, become icons of the ideals we believe in. We stomp goombas on our way to save the princess, we save the world from nuclear destruction in the nick of time and we vanquish the great evil that stalks the land. But that’s a narrow-minded definition. On the other hand, when have we played as someone who was on the other side of that veil?"

Nightmare Mode delves into why heroism is so appealing, and why we could have far more interesting protagonists if the tables were turned.

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SageHonor2638d ago

Thats what im thinking. Things would be better if we had an evil guy as once.. And NO... NO bad guy points either

Simon_Brezhnev2638d ago

Yeah im sick of being a hero in games. Thats why i didnt get L.A. Noire i rather be a corrupt cop then a goody 2 shoes. Thats another reason im thinking about getting Payday: The Heist.

kcuthbertson2638d ago

I think the main problem with this is mainstream news/media. Games get a lot of flak already for being too violent, but that's playing as a good guy killing bad guys..I can't imagine things would go over so hot with killing innocents/"good guys".

In my personal opinion though it could be hella fun. I almost always choose the evil path in games like TES and Infamous.

Simon_Brezhnev2638d ago

Yeah i chose to play evil in Infamous too i refuse 2 play the good side. I like people like Kratos who is an anti-hero only out for himself. :)