PC cleaning tips and tricks

Gaming PCs are often full of fans, which means soon they will be full of dust and in need of a good cleaning

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3GenGames2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Air compressor, everyone's best friend! You'd be surprised how useful the thing is. :P

ATi_Elite2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

1. Dryer Sheets: High end cases like my Thermaltake level 10 GT and Cooler Master Haf-X come with screens that cover the fans but if you do not have screens may i suggest Dryer sheets. It's a very cheap way to keep dust outta your PC plus it makes your room smell fresh. Just cut them to size and tape them over your input fans.

2. Q-Tips: i clean my PC's about every two months (cause they run 24/7/365) by opening them up and cleaning the air-filters and using a Q-Tips to loosen any dust that did make it in there then i just blow the dust out. Even with no screens Q-tips do a good job of getting the dust out from behind fan blades and in between heat-sink fins.

3. I also like to clean my CPu and re-apply Artic Silver. My chips are over-clocked so while i'm cleaning it's a good idea to put a clean coat of thermal adhesive on the CPU and Heatsink.

4. i've seen PC's like that and people wonder why their PC's squealed like a stuck pig then spontaneously burst into flames!!

5. oh and wear goggles when you clean your PC or get dust in your eye.

SKUD2661d ago

Vacuum the big chunks THEN use an air can / compressor. Now the pictures on that site are EXTREME cases. Wear a breathing mask for such jobs as those. Cleaning out smokers PC's are the worst.