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In its heyday, the JRPG was one of the the most well loved, paradigmatic experiences in the entire medium of videogames. Unfortunately, all empires must eventually fall and the the tale of the JRPG has been one of stagnation and decline. Rapid technological improvements brought many eastern studios into an uphill battle, where all too often gameplay suffered at the expense of modern graphics.

We are left with an aging genre where stories are often absurd and incomprehensible, combat is frustrating and needlessly complicated, and high-definition visuals are prioritized above all else. Luckily, Xenoblade Chronicles proves to be a rare exception.

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ZoidsRaven2635d ago

A must-have for RPG gamers. 7_7

DarkCharizard_2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

bu... buh Wii iz nt da gamerz console!!11


tiffac0082634d ago

Gawddamit Reggie bring this baby over already!!! Why do you forsake us? WHY?!!!

Skateboard2634d ago

Just bought a WII, you knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.......