Tales of Xillia Site Update: New Trailer and Screenshots

The official Tales of Xillia website has been updated with a new trailer as its site intro and a few screenshots of some new DLC and Jude and Milla's Hi-Ougis/Mystic Artes.


Free DLC lets you change color of characters' clothes: http://gallery.abyssalchron...

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TruthbeTold2638d ago

Not that I'm not interested in this, but it's frustrating as hell seeing news on Xillia, and I'm still waiting on even a release date for Graces f!

jc485732638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

yea, lack of promotion for Graces F can really get the game killed too.

Edit: Don't you just love that feeling? A young lad falling for girl that is older than him.

Cloudberry2638d ago

But IF there's a romance plot between them.

Vesperia's lack in this part, unless I missed it...

NewMonday2638d ago

so hyped for this it got a 39/40 score from Famitsu, better than ToSymphonia (37) and ToVesparia(35) and ToGraces(37).

and not just the scores, the music production direction feel great, Famitsu just confirms it.

I don't mind if Namco just skip ToGraces and bring this first.

CrescentFang2638d ago

I hope Motoi Sakuraba did well on this OST, the (part of the) song in the video sounded nice...

TruthbeTold2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

He hasn't failed us yet in my opinion. He's composed some of the best pieces in gaming.

CLOUD19832638d ago

This will be the only JRPG worth playing in PS3 that's how bad the image of the console when we r talking about JRPG's is...
When 15 years ago from 1996 to 2000 we have countless TOP JRPG in PS1 and later even tho we didn't have so many good titles in PS2 at least we have some and now the situation is worst than ever in PS3 as years pass the genre die at least in PS3 all the good games went to other consoles sad but true.

Redempteur2638d ago

"This will be the only JRPG worth playing in PS3"

in what dimension do you live in ?

There has been countless Jrpgs to play on PS3 this isn't 2007 anymore ...

CLOUD19832638d ago

Then why dont u tell me some because I dont see any "worth" playing now if u like sh1ty games then better dont tell me any for example dont advice me to try FFXIII because I will just laugh and ignore u...

NewMonday2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

honest advice:

PS3: get Valkuria Chronicles and Folklore.
360:Lost Odyssey and ToVesparia
Wii(Europe only :P): get Xenoblad

and the DS and PSP are loaded with JRPGs

in the future NiNuKuni looks like another great JRPG for the PS3

dragonknight42638d ago

You exaggerate when you say "countless." Where are the Suikodens, the Breath of Fires, the Wild Arms, the Personas, the Grandias, the Lunars, the Seiken Densetsus, the Dragon Quests, the Xenogears, the Valkyrie Profiles on the PS3? Not a single one. And if you think FFXIII was good, you clearly have not been playing many RPGs.

Redempteur2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Lol , just because the old series aren't there doesn't mean there aren't Jrpgs to play on PS3 ..

-Valkyria chonicles
-disgaea 3 ( 4 is in my mail box )
-White knight chronicles 1&2
-Ar tonelico 3
-Atelier RORONA ( soon atelier totori )
-Hyper dimension Neptunia
-Last rebellion
-Demon souls
-3d Dot heroes

And i didn't EVEN went toward the multiplat RPGS
such as :
-Agarest generation of war

And the list goes on..
You wanted a list you GO !!!

Also : there are more ( and better ) rpgs on DS & psp but the ps3 library is more than enough .. as for my tastes , dragonknight4 you're in no position to judge me.. as i've just finished radiant historia and i'm too busy playing xenoblade.. Think what you want

CLOUD19832638d ago

That's your list? that's the games worth playing for JRPG fans? r u fcking serious? most of this titles r not traditional JRPG's actually not even 1 all r strategy rpg and action rpg and some of them play with 1 char and not with a party sorry my friend but u fail hard to convince me that there is some JRPG in PS3 worth playing I know all of those games and that's not what I want to see as dragonknight4 say already the old series is what I expected and we didn't get anything this 5 years from the launch of PS3 and that's beyond disappointing for the console that make me JRPG maniac, but the one who fail more is the companies who abandon so awesome franchises like SUIKODEN, BREATH OF FIRE, LEGEND OF DRAGOON, LEGEND OF LEGAIA, CHRONO CROSS, WILD ARMS also fail on namco for not localize "Tales of ..." series and fail also on Hironobu Sagakuchi & Tetsuya Takahashi for making awesome games and wasted them on consoles like 360 and Wii that there is no chance to sell even half of what could sell if they release them on PS3 where the true JRPG fanbase is.

Redempteur2638d ago


you seems like an elitist about having fun with your games ?

It seems like if the game isn't perfect on every aspect you can't enjoy it..

The fact that there is no suikoden or breath of fire has nothing to do with PS3 , similar stellar series went HD without a problem.

Go blame konami is you want suikoden

Go blame capcom is you want another breath of fire.

In what way it's the PS3 fault ?

My list has games ..some have flaws in them ...but they are valid and enjoyable experiences ..
Demon souls is perfectly fine . Atelier rorona is perfectly fine. Valkyria chronicles is perfectly fine .

None of them are for everyone.
My goal wasn't to convince you but to show that the PS3 has plenty of good Jrpgs . If i had a goal it would to convince you to use the ENTER Key while writing but i'm not wasting my time.

TruthbeTold2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Redempteur, while I don't agree with the contempt that he is showing, I can understand his frustration with the idea that a classic JRPG lover and Tales gamer - someone who sees that sort of game as the type of JRPG experience he wants, should be satisfied with Demons Souls (Great game), or Valkyria Chronicles (Also great game).

Not only are most of the JRPG's on PS3 riddled with a lot of the more less enjoyable ideas of late, they are almost exclusively single player.

3 Tales games this generation. 2 were released on PS3 late as compared to the other console they were released on, and only 1 released in America. In 2007. I feel his frustration.

When I played Valkyria Chronicles, I could feel like, 'O.k. this is a good JRPG experience'. But Demons Souls is just something different altogether. It's fun, and challenging as hell, and deep. But it doesn't fill my JRPG needs in any way.

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bangoskank2638d ago

I actually kind of agree with Cloud. There aren't many great JRPG's for the PS3. All the top games in the genre are completely missing from the the console's catalog, as dragonkight pointed out. Newmonday, Valkyria Chronicles was an incredible game but it's considered more of a strategy rpg and folklore doesn't fall into the JRPG category either. We're only talking for the PS3 here. Up until now the PS3 has been surprisingly lacking in this genre. I'll pick up Xillia day one if it's localized and I'm not even a "Tales" fan. The game just looks and sounds beautiful. It looks like there is also an epic story there too. Xillia and NiNuKuni seem to be the best JRPG's that the PS3 will be seeing in it's lifespan. There's also Demon's Souls but I consider that more of a traditional RPG than JRPG.

bangoskank2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )


He said "worth playing on the PS3". Valkyria Chronicles, Folklore, and Demon's Souls aren't JRPG's.

Redempteur2638d ago

Lol then i'm talking to ignorants since you don't know what a jrpg is.

i feel like talking to a wall will produce better results.

Valkyria chronicles isn't a Jrpg ? and disgaea 3 isn't one either, riight ? Those 3 games were made in japan by japan companies .. They are jrpgs.

First you admit that valkyria is a Srpg ,but not a Jrpg ? ( who are you kidding , lol ) and it's pretty much a given that folklore is rpg , the same way mass effect 1 is considered a rpg by many.

Also there is no "traditionnal" RPG ..that term means nothing because it change from where you are from. You're lacking knowledge to give me lessons and what's more you're not even fan of Jrpgs it seems..
Go play the games and learn for yourself what a Jrpg is.

i'm going out ..this is ridiculous ..

CLOUD19832637d ago

"Also there is no "traditionnal" RPG ..that term means nothing because it change from where you are from. You're lacking knowledge to give me lessons and what's more you're not even fan of Jrpgs it seems..
Go play the games and learn for yourself what a Jrpg is. "

Traditional JRPG Mr is most of the masterpieces we was playing back in the PS1 era like FFVII, Xenogears, Suikoden II etc.. that's what a traditional JRPG is what those games have in common? all have awesome stories awesome soundtracks a huge world to explore and countless secrets to find and most of all "turn based battles" that's what all the modern JRPG lack I didn't buy a PS3 to play Valkyria or Disgaea or Demons Souls and I dont say that those games is bad it's not the kind of games I love and make me spent hundreds upon hundreds of enjoyable hours once upon time, I didn't play any game on PS3 yet that make me feel that way and that's why I am so disappointed.

bangoskank2637d ago


Child, you make me laugh. I've been playing video games for over 30 years and my very first RPG was Questron for the C64. The RPG has been my favorite genre before you were even a gleam in you poppa's eye.

By the way Folklore is considered an adventure game, not RPG. Disgaea is not my cup of tea so I don't deem it worthy of my time. It is also a strategy rpg, as is Valkyria Chronicles. A standard jrpg would be something like Final Fantasy or Suikoden. I used the term "traditional" rpg for Demon's Sould because it has more old school rpg elements than something like Tales of Xillia or Ar Tonelico games. Think what ever you want though. The fact that you get so upset over a post on a game website goes to show how immature you are. I hope "going out" has helped you blow off some steam.

bangoskank2637d ago


I totally agree with your last post and thanks for backing me. You really should check out Valkyria Chronicles. Even thought it is a strategy RPG it is epic in every way and brought back memories of playing some of the great old RPG's from the PS1 era. I also highly recommend Demon's Souls. Try not to miss out on either one. I'm sure you can get them pretty cheap now and you won't be disappointed.

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TronEOL2638d ago

Sooo... is this game ever going to come to North America or Europe? If not, then stop teasing us with posts regarding said game.

Skateboard2638d ago

Graphics look jaw dropping.