Namco x Tecmo Mystery Teaser Site Drops New Clues

With just over four days left until the big announcement, more clues regarding Namco Bandai and Tecmo Koei’s mystery crossover game are being released via the teaser site. Today’s update reveals that the unknown game is being developed by TK’s Omega Force.

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Lavalamp2638d ago

One Piece Musou please!

Infernostew2637d ago

It's gotta be. They ran a one pager on it in SJ magazine.

Lavalamp2637d ago

Wait, I made that comment hours ago. This article shoulda gotten approved awhile ago, cause the game has already been revealed as the One Piece Musou game.

r212637d ago

pretty sure its one piece musou =D
someone pointed out that the pink steam in the teaser site is luffy's gear second. cant wait!

Hozi892637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Oh Darn. For a second I thought there was gonna be a Tekken X Dead or Alive game.

Tanir2637d ago

yeah a one piece game would be disappointing. wouldnt see the point of a collaboration if its just one piece