Would Bethesda do an Elder Scrolls MMO?

Skyrim developer Bethesda has a reputation for creating huge, open-world RPGs in the Elder Scrolls series. But would they consider making an Elder Scrolls MMO? The company’s Todd Howard seems to suggest not...

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awi59512575d ago

I hope there is a multiplayer mod like on the last game i would love to play with my friends.

arvinder2575d ago

Wow, I've never heard of a MP mod. Gonna check that out. OT, they should. Many people are moving away from the previously popular MMOs like WoW and Bethesda should take advantage of this.

wallis2575d ago

Bethesda's greatest struggle is making a game world that is living and real and won't break because of a player's actions. And it's hard enough with just one player running around Irish dancing on innkeeper's desks and planting poisonous apples in quest npc's lunch boxes.

Imagine it with a thousand players.

kamakaz3md2575d ago

this has already been asked before, long time ago... many times ago... go back to bed.

BladedTech2575d ago

Dude, if there was an Elder Scrolls MMO, no one would buy ANY Elder Scrolls games anymore. Also, I agree with kamakaz3md in saying that this article is old.

CaptainMarvelQ82575d ago

No,NO and NO

I was actually very scared about the thought of the next elder scrolls being an MMO.But Skyrim's announcement was a huge relief.

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