Feature: A Female Gamers Opinion On Fem Shep -StickTwiddlers

StickTwiddlers Indra gives her views on the final Fem Shep design voted for by the Mass Effect community.

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Schade2634d ago

StickTwiddlers is a horrible site. Please do not give them clicks.

Hicken2634d ago

I'm not giving them clicks because this is almost a taunt for the whole "gamer vs female gamer" debate.

The term isn't gender-specific, so I'm skeptical of anyone who has to add that in there as some sort of important identifier.

StickTwiddlers2634d ago

The point of the article is to see what a female gamer thought about a new, community voted female protagonist.
It would have been hard to identify that in the title without getting gender specific.

We always use 'male' and 'female' as opposed to the term 'girl gamer' because, like you, we don't see that as being an identifier for any gamer. You are a gamer whether you're male, female or walrus. A gamer is not defined by gender, race or anything else.

And Scahde, I'm sorry that you feel that way about our site. I'm not quite sure what we've done to give you that impression though.

Hicken2634d ago

I can appreciate that, then. It's just far too often that these things become a "Hey, I'm a girl gamer. I want to be recognized" sort of thing.

jeeves862633d ago

The new FemShep looks like she's barely 18. The old FemShep looks a bit more...qualified. Like Captain Janeway, except a whole lot cooler.