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Back in the late 90’s, before there was Grand Theft Auto 3, Reflections Interactive (Now Ubisoft Reflections) gave us an open-world multi-city-based driving game, ahead of its time and its competition, that practically pushed the PlayStation to its limits. That game was Driver. Unfortunately for Reflections and gamers alike, it was downhill from there.

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Ognipode2638d ago

When I first tried Driver: SF out in LA at E3 2010, I thought the concept of this unconscious bloke was so silly - but the truth is that after playing it a bit, I realised that it was something different, and thats really what this industry needs so much more of right now.

So while its a crazy idea, the fact that there's nothing else really like it out there means we get something new, and that can't be a bad thing. That said, there's a heavy load of games coming, so I dunno if this is gonna be bought for full price right now.

GavinMannion2638d ago

I have to agree that the story really does sound a little idiotic. But the review does make it sound pretty good

Ares842638d ago

I really don't know what you guys are talking about. Yes, it is unique but it's not a good game by any means. I'm judgeing it based on the demo so keep that in mind. The graphics are terrible, I tought I was playing a PS2 game. The controlls are the worst I experienced in many years in a driving game and the setting is boring. No wonder people don't pay attention to this game. Driver, the series should be put to rest after the 3rd. This was really not needed. The whole concept is idiotic and takes the challenge out of a car chase.

WobblyOnion2638d ago

That's the problem; this is a good game - but it's being released in the same month as GREAT games, and it'll affect its sales.

tee_bag2422638d ago

I downloaded the demo of this and was pleasantly surprised. It's a lot of fun! Great controls too