Resistance 3 - That shooter everyone's forgotten about

MMGN writes: There is a very distinctive feeling of survival in Resistance 3, the third entry in developer Insomniac's first-person shooter experience. This ferociously unforgiving experience resonates with the dying world portrayed throughout the series, as humanity fights for survival for the last time.

The relevance of Resistance 3 has been somewhat diluted as of late as cross-platform blockbuster titles dominate headlines and internet forums around the globe. The battle for cultural supremacy seems to associate with gamers more than the apocalyptic tale being told in Resistance 3, although one might digress that saving the entire human racing from utter annihilation is more satisfying than taking out that Russian sniper from a distance.

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GamingManiac2632d ago

What do you mean "the shooter everyone's forgotten about"? It's the game I've been waiting for since E3, it's the best game coming out this year!!! (personal preference of course)

Mr PS32632d ago

I aint forgot about it
And neither have millions of my PS3 owning Brothers

LOGICWINS2632d ago

Lets see how many "millions" it will sell in its first week then :)

PR_FROM_OHIO2632d ago

Have fun talking sales next week while myself and other PS3 owners are enjoying another great PS3 exclusive hahaha!!!!!!!!!

SoapShoes2632d ago

Who cares about first week? Uncharted 2 didn't sell 5+ million in its first week but it still sold more than 98% of all video games. I can see R3 passing up FOM's 3+ million after awhile.

Sevir042632d ago

You certainly make your presence known in a resistance thread? Aaaaaany who!

On topic:
I'm one of the millions who's eagerly waiting to wrap up this arc! Resistance 3 deserves to be the a bigger seller. Considering Resistance:FoM sold 3+ million, and R2 sold 2+ million to date I'm sure the 3rd will do that or more in its life time! Just remember the views and opinions of the Users and specifically the trolls of N4G do not reflect the views of the world! :-) VIVA LA RESISTANCE 3. MY FAV new IP of this gen!