IGN - Guillermo del Toro Talks Call of Duty

IGN - Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy director loves his intense CoD sessions.

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JellyJelly1965d ago

This article was brought to you by Activision, in association with Bobby Kotick and a big big bag of money.

andron6661965d ago

You think del Toro is that strapped for cash?

He mentions Portal 2, so I guess Valve must have chipped in too...

ReservoirDog3161964d ago

He only seems to mention the singleplayer of CoD if that's worth noting. Which (besides mw2's plot, ugh) are actually pretty fun on a basic level.

It's odd that they didn't mention the fact that he's making a game. Releasing....2013 if I recall correctly.

Also, Pan's Labyrinth is my favorite movie.

Voxelman1964d ago

No mention of insane? WTF IGN are they ignorant of the fact he is making a game? I mean if they only talked about movies ok but if you are talking to him about games why wouldn't you even mention the game he is working on?

Quagmire1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I know, why the hell would he talk about some shit fps game instead of his own ambitious and unique one.

IGN truly are Ignorant.

MrGunny941964d ago

Tell me when he plays some REAL shooter


What!!! Are you telling me COD is not a real shooter ( angry mob gathers ) bu, bu, but everyone buys it so it must be real..


Voxelman1964d ago

Well to be fair he didn't bring it up IGN asked him about it

Ocean1964d ago

And in other news.....Steven Spielberg and Micheal Bay love playing Hanna Montana LOL