Watch Adam Jensen Do The Safety Dance

"You can aug if you want to, you can leave your drugs behind. Cuz your friends don’t aug and if they don’t aug then they’re no friends of mine."

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GigawattConduit2540d ago

I never asked for this...but I appreciate it.

General Shrooms2540d ago

makes jensen 10x more badass.

BlackjackCF2540d ago

Damn. That's some sexy dancing.

Alexrubens2540d ago

Teach me how to do the safety dance.

CrzyFooL2540d ago

Only if you teach me how to dougie

majiebeast2540d ago

I found this out at like someway close to the end very funny to do when enemies shooting at you. Augments improved his dance skills.

Hicken2540d ago

Aaaaand THAT gets put on facebook.

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