Lessons the PlayStation Vita Can Learn From the Nintendo 3DS Launch

GeekoSystem: The Nintendo 3DS is not exactly off to a great start. After launching at an unrealistic price point of $250 only a handful of months ago, the system has already been slashed down to $170. According to a rather poignant post from Nintendo, this was done to increase sales of the hardware which would in turn lead to more software sales and future development. If you can’t get the console in the hands of the consumer fast enough and build a market for games, you’re basically doomed.

But the Nintendo 3DS isn’t the only handheld coming to market. The PlayStation Vita from Sony will be trying to force its way into the scene sometime over the next year and it’s not like the PlayStation Portable had an amazing reputation in North America, especially compared to the Nintendo DS. Hopefully, the debacle that was the Nintendo 3DS launch will provide some pointers for Sony’s handheld.

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MasterCornholio2632d ago

Sony will not make the mistake of launching their console without any games plus they are not aiming to make a huge profit with each Vita sold so people will see the great value that the Vita contains at a 250 euro price point.

hkgamer2628d ago

I think there is nothing Sony can learn from Nintendo 3DS launch, Sony should just launch Vita like they have done in the past.

I normally purchase consoles around the launch day period because the technology is fantastic and the games are great. 3DS in my opinion has had one of the worst range of launch titles and even til now hasnt got anything good.