Pack shots revealed for the Official Playstation 3 Wireless Stereo Headset

Amazon has revealed several new pack shot images for the upcoming Official Playstation 3 Wireless Stereo Headset from Sony Computer Entertainment America.

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Oner2540d ago

Got mine pre-ordered for $65 shipped!

Skate-AK2540d ago

Where was that? I'm looking at getting one of these.

Cosmit2540d ago

Yeah they had an deal on Amazon for these a couple weeks ago I think.

Skate-AK2540d ago

Damnit looks like I missed the deal then.

solidsnake2222540d ago

As did I, July 30th was a great day to be an Amazon shopper ;)

TheRealist21022540d ago

Yup Yup. Got the same deal.

Solid_Snake-2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

EDIT: thanks for the info. 7.1 will be cool.

Elwenil2540d ago

No mention of 5.1? That's because it has 7.1. ;D

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Funky Town_TX2540d ago

I got a wired Turtle Beach PX21 for $60 at Wolly World.

blusoops2540d ago

got mine pre ordered but does any one know what the range will be???

Omar912540d ago

omg it makes my turtle beach look like piece of crap.. i want.. but ill wait till it drops in price

Ddouble2540d ago

Europe release please.