MLB The Show 11 Now Under $40.00

Mike Deneen from GoozerNation writes:

"Did you miss out on this year's installment of the best baseball game on the market -- MLB The Show 11? If so, now is your chance to pick it up on the cheap for all of you lucky PlayStation 3 owners. "

Read on to see the awesome price and how to get your copy.

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HOSe2634d ago

i got this when it came out from ( right modells lol) for $36.. barely play it though

badboy74282634d ago

Maddens Contract is up next year they should make a Football game.

Jack_DangerousIy2634d ago

You sure there will be football next year? What with them holding the industry hostage wanting more moneys to play a game and all.

badboy74282634d ago

Unless 2012 is really the end of the world there will always be football.

Jack_DangerousIy2634d ago

Hmmm... I'm relatively new to watching baseball.(just under 2 years). I liked the demo for last years game but therein lies the problem... I'd feel like a chump buying a game that will be 'obsolete' soon...(not to insult people who buy them, of course)

Idk... I've been tempted for months now....By the time I get it the new one will be out... Guess I'll just stick to watching for now. :/

kornbeaner2634d ago

I would read this the day after my PS3 takes a dump. R.I.P. 60gb launch system you served me well.