Double XP Weekend and Nuketown 24/7 Return

Josh Olin, aka JD_2020, announced a double XP weekend and Nuketown 24/7 in celebration of Labor day.

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iXenon2635d ago

I can't wait to get to Prestige 15

dark-hollow2634d ago

Of all the crappy maps in black ops, nuketown is sure the most memorable!
It a small and well designed bit the respawning is kinda annoying once the enemy respawn behind your team.

miDnIghtEr2634d ago

I love when this happens!

xtremexx2635d ago

Nuketown FTW, till i get pissed at being owned in my spawn

Criminal2635d ago

Yeah, it's one of the most hated and loved maps in CoD history.

Dart892635d ago

Now my nephew will get to 15th prestige he's 13 going on 14 under 13 days games to easy.

dark-hollow2634d ago

"he's 13 going on 14 under 13 days games to easy"
Maybe your nephew could help you learn proper grammar! Jk :p

FragGen2634d ago

13? Just imagine how good he'll be when he's actually old enough to play an M rated game.

Nitrowolf22634d ago

lol I love nuketown out of all the map just for it's map size. It's also the one i really hate once you get spawned camped

Criminal2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

I hate spawn camping, but I love to do spawn trapping on Nuketown.

Edit: I know some will disagree but Nuketown is an unbalanced map so you either get spawn trapped or you do it.

fooxy2634d ago

Treyarch promoting their garbage size mapping skills, for next game please make more shitty maps like Nuketown V2 aka take the truck that is parked there in the middle and spawn everybody in the trailer !

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The story is too old to be commented.