DICE Says You Can't Kill Civilians in Battlefield 3

James Pungello of GamerGaia discusses why DICE made the decision to ensure that no civilians are harmed in the latest instalment of the Battlefield series, and adds his own two cents to the debate. Extreme measure to avoid the scorn of worried parents and anti-gaming parties, or a reasonable safeguard? Be sure to let us know what you make of this debate.

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Shackdaddy8362337d ago

A little bit messed up that people would want to imo...

TinaLauro2337d ago

Yeah - I think anyone who is up in arms over this is more annoyed over the concept of censorship rather than the specifics of this specific case. We really don't have a valid reason to wanna shoot the civvies, like :D

Shackdaddy8362337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Well I think it's one thing to complain when a company takes something out due to pressure from others(Medal of Honor comes to mind) but I think it's a completely different situation when people complain that there isn't enough killing put into games...

whothedog2337d ago

Realism? I'm not up in arms but I think it should be an option.

dangert122337d ago

I think Its bullshit Imagine if you could't harm them In GTA

MaxXAttaxX2337d ago

It would be realistic in the way that it is possible in real life, but it's highly unlikely you would.

It's a fine line. I think it would be unnecessary.

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kajatta2337d ago

I don't get why some people are making this a big deal. Its just gonna show kids that killing civilians is not allowed. But heres the problem, military are just civilians with a uniform and gun! LoLz xD

Shackdaddy8362337d ago

Well, you aren't technically a civilian anymore when you join the military. You don't have the same rights as the civilians do.

kajatta2337d ago

True that, but your still killing. Murder is murder when is comes down to it. Either way I can see the reasons why developers would allow or disallow it. So i'm really on the fence on this one :P

newn4gguy2337d ago can take out an entire town in Fallout 3/New Vegas.

I would LOVE that option in a shooter. Look at Resident Evil 4. That was from LAST generation and when you killed the merchant, he was dead. Lol.

rmoar2337d ago

You couldn't kill kids in Fallout 3/New Vegas unless you modded the game.

I doubt this is going to sway too many people away from actually buying Battlefield 3.

yamzilla2337d ago

this is the same publisher that had you killing
un-babtized babies in dantes inferno, so, take their polictical correctness as another sales pitch, if they thought they could make more money from it they have you eating dead bodies of civilians after murdering them!

The whole idea of corporate morality is a joke
, don't trick yourself into thinking they care!

Hufandpuf2337d ago

You are the US Marines, why would they allow you to kill civilians? That would just make the game look bad.

Fox News reports: Latest War simulator lets you kill civilians as the US Army.

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