First Spirit Photo scans

First scans of the Fatal Frame spinoff.

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zerocrossing2362d ago

for the 3DS? Well it could be good I guess :/ I hope they keep making Fatal Frame(Project Zero) though.

Pozzle2362d ago

God, I hope so. I remember Tecmo said about a year ago that they had plans of making a new Fatal Frame for the PS3. I hope they haven't forgotten. I'm dying for a new FF game. One that actually makes it to the West this time.

zerocrossing2361d ago

last I heard Tecmo are working on that Fatal Frame 2 remake for the Wii... I really hope they do have something else planed, Fatal Frame 5 on the PS3 would be awesome! And yeah, they better not screw the western fans over again, Nintendo will never live that one down lol.

banjadude2362d ago

The girl in the thumbnail looks like the main character from Fatal Frame 2 (I think it was 2...?).

Pozzle2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

I think she looks kinda like Madoka from FF4, except with longer hair:

There's also a picture in one of the scans that shows a girl covering her face (a symptom of the curse/disease from Fatal Frame 4), so this might be a spinoff to FF4.

banjadude2362d ago

Hmmm, yeah, I can sort of see the resemblance.
Thanks for the link.

Dowie2362d ago

Probably won't make it outside of japan which is sad (..and pathetic really)

Until I get news of a europe or american release then I don't care...No i'm not bitter or jealous, what gave you that impression..? *grins*

StifflerK2362d ago

I sure would like a Fatal Frame HD collection....

Venox20082362d ago

I hope that's a good horror game... because it would be pity if it isn't.. because that word spin-off frightens me..

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