Dead Island Preview [Game Revolution]

"I saw more zombies dispatched in more ways than in five minutes of any other zombie game. Deep Silver accomplishes this by largely avoiding gunplay in its entirety. While I haven't held a shotgun, revolver, or assault rifle on the island, I'd assume firing a gun at a zombie feels about as foreign as it does in Mirror's Edge."

~ Daniel Bischoff, GameRevolution

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fluffydelusions2515d ago

Anyone know when the review embargo lifts? Not certain if this is worth a purchase or not.

BigWoopMagazine2515d ago

"mmmmm brains.... brain soup, brain taco, brains-a-la-mode, stir-fried brains, brain pie, brains'n'creme, brain-filled donut, brains-over-easy, scrambled brain, poached brains, brains benedict..."

this is seriously the third zombie game article I've commented on today, but yeah, the fact that they've straight up ripped off Borderlands' loot system and skill trees makes me want to play it, cause borderlands rules, as noted by the quote above. But yeah, Legendary weapons are colored orange? That's not familiar at all...

BlackTar1872515d ago

yea lol. WoW were orange DCUO are orange all games share that color scheme for the most part. Although WoW has artifact Red

doctorstrange2515d ago

Love me some zombie killing

Shield2515d ago

I've been looking forward to Dead Island and Warhammer 40k: Space Marine for a long time. September is going to be an expensive gaming month for me.

stormeagle62515d ago

So it's kind of like... Deus Ex + zombies?

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