Dead Island - X'11 Hands-On Preview (WGTC)

From We Got This Covered:

'What some may not know is the fact that Dead Island is actually part role-playing game. This means that it has an emphasis on weapon statistics and a bar which measures stamina. Swinging your weapon too many times in a row can result in a tiring effect, which means that players must be smart in the way that they approach each melee combat moment with the walking flesheaters. Unfortunately, these walking corpses are on vacation with you, though that doesn’t mean that they want to lounge and soak up the sun on the sandy beaches. They still want brains and, well, more is always better. Right?'

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TheHip142489d ago

my most anticipated of 2011

NextDeadman2489d ago

I'm quite sick of zombie games.

MinimeJer052489d ago

I can't wait for this one. Seems like we've been waiting forever!

Miiikeyyy2488d ago

I've waited since 2007, Back when it was a PC exclusive but got cancalled! So happy it got revived!

Wick2489d ago

Such great trailers. Hopefully the game lives up to its created hype.

Bodster2488d ago

Special edition preordered, can't wait for this!

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