Robo suit and Lightning Fist in Mass Effect 3

New six screenshots of mass effect 3 from last week’s Pax prime 2011. New pictures show Commander shepard in heroic poses fighting giant war machines,aiming at robots ...

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FrightfulActions2396d ago

This is old news, these screenshots were already featured on N4G days ago.

dc7862396d ago

i agree but when i added news then it didn't show any similar post :) sometimes computers make mistake @frightfulactions

Kee2396d ago

Oooooo, lightning fist sounds fun. I'm gonna make a new shepherd and make him whatever class you get lightning fist with.

krazykombatant2396d ago

This looks like a new falcon punch.. coool.

TheOtherTheoG2396d ago

Hmm... shiny hologram things... me likey...