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The stirring theme of Holst’s Jupiter bursts into life as Rugby World Cup 2011 first loads. It is music that, like rugby, inspires passion, strength and purpose. Translating that and the blood, sweat and pressure onto the computer screen piles almost impossible pressure onto developers, further compounded by tight budgets and strict deadlines. Inevitably anyone tackling this task would always be faced with an Everest of an uphill battle...

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Adahn2459d ago

It's such a shame as well - with the success of other sports franchises the world of rugby has been crying out for a decent game.

I guess the market just isn't there to spend the investment money.

iamnsuperman2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Agree. Great rugby games (in review scores) are non existence which is a shame. The problem is they are just not that popular. I probably still get it though.

Handheld_Heroes2459d ago

Until people realize that there is more than Madden out there, Rugby will be a hard sell over here in the states

Quagmire2459d ago

Just wait for Rugby Chellenge, its a better game