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VGW: This is it. While the main event is still two months away, September officially acts as a very solid pregame to the chaos that ensues over the next two months. While certainly not as insane as what we’ll get over the rest of the holiday season, there is no shortage of tempting releases that hope to drain your bank account prior to the insanity.

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Xenial2484d ago

Why is Dead Island not on the list? -_-

killershadow1172484d ago

That's what I was thinking! I think it is a bigger game than gunstringer.

killyourfm2484d ago

Better question: Why should it be?

Dowie2484d ago

Even better question: why should it not be?

lol at gunstringer and driver making this list. both games like below average and dead island should've been on there instead of both of them.

Opinions are fun.

shammgod2484d ago

No Ico/SOTC on this list=FAIL

Stealth2k2484d ago

dusgaea 4, persona IS

All I need

IWentBrokeForGaming2484d ago

Dead Island is huge on my list!

Gunslinger? WTF is that? is it even a revelant game? lmao

Driver? they STILL trying with that franchise? sweet jesus!

as much as I want ICO/SOTC I don't think a RE-RELEASE qualifys it. I've played them enough on PS2 that I know what Im walking into... so excitement for me is null for it! AMAZING GAME THO!

and to say GEARS 3 is not "AS IN INSANE AS WE'LL GET CLOSER TO CHRISTMAS"... that is freaking laughable. I feel some of the remarks in the article then coupled with Gears 3 being mentioned really makes Gears look like a push over when it truely is not in anyway!

newn4gguy2484d ago

Why u no say R3?!?

Driver was never that great to me, but San FUN!

IWentBrokeForGaming2484d ago

I totally forgot R3 was coming out actually. But I loved 1 hated 2. I want to see where they go with 3 before I buy it. Because of the last game it's just not must buy for me... but it is lingering on my radar. I want to see what they fix/improve upon that made me dislike 2 so much, before I buy it!

$60 ain't cheap and with how were being flooded with games, Im spending more wisely!

newn4gguy2484d ago

After reading previews of the game and playing the beta...I can guarantee you'll like it. They took the best parts of the first game and made it SO much better!

newn4gguy2484d ago

1. Dead Island
2. Resistance 3
3. Shadow of the Colossus/Ico Collection
4. Gears of War 3
5. Resident Evil 4 HD/White Knight Chronicles 2

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