Resistance 3′s Mandatory Install Size Revealed

Coming out in September, Resistance 3 will need an install in order to play, with the HDD space used far outstripping the space demanded by Resistance 2.

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doctorstrange2240d ago

Definitely time for me to upgrade before the crazy Christmas games rush. Any suggestions? (UK prices)

Trexman892240d ago

Go with Western Digital. I don't know if you have access to Newegg in the UK, so you might have to do some searching, but WD will give you the best hard drive for your money.

pangitkqb2240d ago

Can't wait for Resistance 3.

Moving on, from the improved visuals and animations I have seen in the last two months in the Beta I'm not surprised the latest installment requires a larger HDD install.

Kleptic2240d ago

have the visuals improved noticeably over the life of the beta?...i just downloaded the public beta last night, which is version 2.05 I believe...and was wondering how much the build has changed...

Its definitely a significant step up over Resistance 2...but I still see lighting issues that have plagued the franchise imo since fall of man...

on the other hand though...the recent single player trailers look incredible...and this isn't something that hurt the game for me, just things i noticed...i'll probably be picking it up eithe r way, played the hell out of the first 2...

AKS2240d ago

You read my mind. I have a 500 GB Western Digital HDD myself.

MaxXAttaxX2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

Current Resistance 3 build looks miles better than Resistance 2 and the early Resistance 3 demo, even for a multiplayer Beta.

jaosobno2239d ago

Why are mandatory install sizes news?

This is perfectly normal for PS3. When I had X360 I use to install all games on HDD (couldn't stand the noise).

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Eyeco2240d ago

i know this is tad off topic but im seriously looking forward to resistance 3 after playing the beta , honestly its probably the best beta i've been in this year much better than KZ3 , the only thing its missing from being a flawless MP is veichals and ugc

LNDCalling2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

Scan are good too and either way the below link should give you an idea of prices then use Google! :D

Edit: Be careful of course as not all 2.5" drives are equal you'll need a drive no higher than 9.5mm, some go up to 15mm.

Also you may catch a good HDD deal here plus some great Game deals at the moment (for example GT5 for £13.91 at Asda)

kneon2239d ago

Get the biggest drive you can. The bigger drives use newer tech and usually use less energy, less energy = less heat, less heat = longer life.

But check the specs, most 1gb dives are too thick so 750gb may be the biggest you can go depending on which manufacturer you choose.

Jack_DangerousIy2239d ago

I think you can look it up yourself, bub.

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Sev2240d ago

This game would be worth any amount of hdd space - speaking from experience.

Sevir042240d ago

End and when can we expect to see reviews for this sure to be masterpiece!?

cpayne932240d ago

Well??? What's your experience?

BeOneWithTheGun2239d ago

Sev is an insider with Sony in some way. He has posted stuff on here that has come true on countless occasions. If he says something is, well, you can bank on it.

KingSlayer2240d ago

Can't wait. I'm going to grab this, but play 1&2 again before playing 3. Hell, I may JustinTV it.

Miiikeyyy2240d ago

I've been playing Resistance 2, Forgot how good it was (One is still the best imo)

DaTruth2239d ago

I've been replaying R1, but when I tried to replay R2, I just got too bored and stopped playing!

I don't know how they went so wrong with the single player in that game. I spent many hours with the coop though!

kramun2240d ago

At least I won't have to wait too long installing this until I can play the game. Much better than some of the games I've got.

Although those 5-7 minutes will seem longer lol, one of my most wanted games this year, really looking forward to it.

BigWoopMagazine2240d ago

Hah, that's really the only thing that gets me about it. I don't care about the space, just that dammit, I waited so long and once I open that package I wanna be done waiting!

kramun2240d ago

Yeah, it's especially annoying when you buy a game that's been on the market for quite a while and you have to install the game, plus download and install the updates.

I don't know about making a cup of tea or a sandwich while I'm waiting, I could probably have made a roast dinner waiting to play some of the games I've bought in the past.

I'm not sure which game it was, I think it was Heavy Rain, but I had to install it and then when the game run I had to wait for another install for some reason. It was quite bizarre.

Sevir042240d ago

I cannot wait to play this. It's just soo Damn good. Reviews should be in really soon!

MrAwesome2240d ago

Mines too! Resistance 1 and MGS4 where the first games I got for my PS3 so R1 will always have a special place, R2 was the first online game I played(Yea I started playing online a little late) so the series will always be one of the most memorable ones for me, I hope R3 lives up to my expectations.

Sevir042240d ago

Yeah, resistance was the standard that got me into the fps genre! I really can not wait to have this game. Resistance fom had an amazing story and a very rich universe. And online was awesome. I'm glad R3 has classic hardcore mode, which brings resistance 3 back to the glory days of Fall of Man multiplayer!

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