Disgaea 3 Return Shows Off Vita Software Package Design ( JP )

Retailers in Japan are beginning to receive flyers and packaging for PlayStation Vita software. The first to make an appearance is Disgaea 3 Return.

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EcoSos32430d ago

I only have one word for this AWESOME!!!!!

Beetey2430d ago

I wonder how big this will be in comparison to PS3 packaging. And where is the black PS VITA line? lol

nyobzoo2430d ago

I'm sure it'll be similar to PSP boxes as the game cartridge is pretty small

Knushwood Butt2430d ago

I'll be buying this, along with Gravity Daze and Everybody's Golf Next.

tiffac0082430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I missed out on the PS3 version but since this one will have all DLCs available, I'll be getting this for sure.

Megaplaynate2430d ago

Having invested over 300 hrs in disgaea 3, I don't think I'd buy the vita version, unless the savestates are compatible.

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