Nintendo Announces Re-Entry into the Console Business (Humor)

After bowing out of the console space last November, Nintendo has announced they have plans to re-entry the lucrative business this fall!

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DarkCharizard_2512d ago

1. Skyward Sword
2. Xenoblade
3. Bit. Trip Complete
4. Rhythm Heaven
5. Kirby's Return to Dreamland

Yup, Wii is back in the game..!!

jacksonmichael2512d ago

Meh... Xenoblade isn't coming to my continent (at this time...?) and neither are Pandora's Tower or the Last Story... So if I can't get those, and Dragon Quest X is still MIA, then... Why even have the console if I'll only be getting one more game? Not that I'll get rid of it or anything. I just don't like that Nintendo is blaming third parties for leaving the Wii completely dead when it is actually them keeping us from getting great games.

Skateboard2512d ago

I just got a WII waiting for Xenoblade, i have faith.

cochise3132512d ago

I'm not a Wii fan, but Zelda always gets me with every release. That Zelda bundle is sick.

GupX19A2512d ago

After Zelda, my Wii is going in a box. There's three other games I had in mind, but unlikely to happen. Nintendo has done little to inspire faith in me.