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GameDynamo - "No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise is combat-heavy, and it isn't shy about displaying blood and decapitation. Travis wields a beam katana, which is one part samurai sword and one part lightsaber. Button-mashing and using combos to defeat enemies is done with fierce veracity. "

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rezzah2397d ago

As much as I wanted to play this game, the main thing that turned me away from it is the fact that you have to moves your DS3 up and down constantly every 5 mins to charge your weapon.

Completely annoying.

Knushwood Butt2397d ago

I got free DLC with my copy as a pre-order bonus, which includes 4 extra beam katanas. I guess these must be better as you hardly ever have to charge them up.

I agree that the charging thing is annoying. Yes, we get the schoolboy humour, very good, but it's not funny the 10th time....

Still, overall I like this game, despite quite a few issues.

rezzah2397d ago

I played the demo, so I bet that was the worst weapon since it seemed like the beginning of the game.

What really got my attention to the game wasn't really the game itself but the character art work. It looked like it would of been an awesome anime if it were one. Based on the style of drawing you can estimate what to expect from a show. Also I like the humor.