Burnout Crash! explodes onto Xbox Live and PSN on September 20

Criterion Games, an Electronics Arts Inc. studio, today announced that Burnout CRASH! will release on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network worldwide on September 20, 2011.

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dangert122329d ago

Is this a true new itteration that just not getting a store release or spin off?

NukaCola2329d ago

Watch it on youtube. This is the biggest piece of sh*t game I have ever seen. Such an injustice to a kickass series. It's a crappy looking top down arcade game. Looks worse than a a 1st gen iPOD app. Do not waste your money on this. Go with any else. If you need a downloadable master piece in the near future, go with Journey or The Baconing.

MGRogue20172329d ago

It's rubbish.. Don't waste your money..

franko2329d ago

Just give us control options, not just crappy trigger acceleration. I wanna acc. on X and brakes on [].

morkendo2329d ago

hope criterion DONT make nfs HOTPURSUIT 2 ... criterion suck monkey balls.

FriedGoat2329d ago

Hey, Burnout paradise was great.

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The story is too old to be commented.