Relive the classic car park level in Driver: San Francisco

DGP: "Remember that car park level that caused untold frustation at the start of Driver? Well, you can unlock a remake of the infamous level in Driver: San Francisco, as demonstrated in the newly released video above."

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RedDragan2488d ago

I do remember that level, and I can quite honestly say I never looked at multistorey car parks the same way ever again!

toxic-inferno2488d ago

Drive something over 88mph...

Wonder what THAT could be referring to? :P

Knew they'd get that in somewhere!

MrGunny942488d ago

I missed you park level.. i missed you!

buddymagoo2488d ago

I remember it but only vaguely and I'm now more interested in the game as a result. Damn nostalgia!

creatchee2488d ago

Hey man watch the paint!