We don't need more COD and Battlefield wannabes - Bodycount dev

OXM UK: "There are times when you could be forgiven for thinking that "first-person shooter" is just another term for "Call of Duty" or "Battlefield". When it comes to pointing hunks of metal-spewing technology at people, these two franchises dominate the conversation. That's great, reckons Bodycount art director Max Cant, but gamers are ready for something new."

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fooxy2461d ago

Looks like Codemasters are trying to defend their little smelly turd, but its kinda too late since reviews are not so average either. In my opinion this generation they should stick with making racing games because that's where they shine.Bodycount will hit the bargain bin in no more than three months based on all the reviews, demo and people experience so far...

dirigiblebill2461d ago

In their defence I doubt this is a "response" to the scores. Interviews aren't usually conducted the day a review embargo lifts.

frostyhat1232461d ago

actually give it a chance! It's a decent shooter!

dirigiblebill2461d ago

Agreed, there's plenty to love - the composition is excellent, some really lovely quotes about textures and decals and stuff in that interview. It's a big simple high score fest at heart, sadly that's not what people are interested in these days.

gamingdroid2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

I did not enjoy the game, the controls didn't feel good and the game was average to me. Sorry, better luck next time.

I will give Rage a try for my next FPS. I hope there will be a demo.

e-p-ayeaH2460d ago

Like Duke Nukem Forever however many morons will desagree with me im sure.

Miiikeyyy2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Wow, people forgot how hard it is to make games. They slaved away to make this game and people rip the shit out of it just cus it's not COD or BF! It's unfair for the Devs.
You're all ungrateful bastards, You don't deserve new games.

Angrymorgan2461d ago

@ myk1992...Don't think people were expecting another cod or bf. I know how long and hard they work to make games but fact is, we are paying customers and if their product is under par well that's just life. Ain't personal, if you hate the game, thinking how hard they worked at it, ain't gonna change that.

Xenial2461d ago

Even if they did, they could have put in more work to make their game 10x better than what it is now. If your going to do something, do your best and don't stop until you know for a fact that it's grade A quality.

MrBeatdown2460d ago

Try again, pal.

People "rip the shit out of it" because it's crap, not because it's "not COD or BF!"

Maybe if Codemasters created something that didn't look and feel like a half-assed port from the PS2, and instead created something of quality like Bulletstorm, or Black, or Bioshock, or Deus Ex, that could balance creativity and quality, people would be more appreciative.

Dwalls11712461d ago

Call of duty wannabe....but aint nobody tryna be like battlefield lol

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Sparticus_12461d ago

Example...Brink..was supposed to be the same thing they are did it fair...FAIL!!!!!! Brink was a serious let down...I'll stick to my Battlefield.

SignifiedSix2461d ago

Eh, I don't even have to read this article. Played the demo for this and it was complete utter shit imo. I have to agree with fooxy. They should definitely stick with the racing games.

zeal0us2461d ago

oh boy this is bound to cause some backlash,
Just wondering have there been any commercials for bodycount?

pixelsword2460d ago

Does "commercial failure" count?

I kid, I kid.

StarWolf2461d ago

then why did they add perks and killstreaks like Air Strikes. And why do people die in 1 bullet from what ive seen. lol gtfo bodycount dev. Its pretty much a COD version with a different flavor/map styles.

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