First look at the PS3 hardware for Ni no Kuni

The first beautiful images of the Ni no Kuni PS3 bundle have been revealed.

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GameOn2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

It's a bit plain and, feminine dare I say. May look nice in a gold furnished bathroom however.

Apotheosize2241d ago

feminine? no. plain? kind of yeah

GrandTheftZamboni2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

Elegant? Yes. Classy? Yes. Cute? Yes.

Undeadwolfy2241d ago

Me too. Just get rid of the little graphic in the bottom left corner. :)

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2241d ago

I agree, this could be renamed the J.Weir edition :D

tiffac0082242d ago

Just bring the game over Level-5, just bring it over.

tarbis2241d ago

hmmm I was expecting the kanji of ni no kuni on the PS3, that would've looked bad ass.

Lavalamp2241d ago

First the Xillia edition, now this? Japan be gettin' the goods.

HaHa_Ostrich2241d ago

Yes, the Xillia SKU is particularly pretty.

bwazy2241d ago

Japan only I presume. Man why doesn't sony realize that "limited" edition systems sell like bloody hot cakes.

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