First Persona 4 The Golden Screens

Meet the new character, and check out the new animation and gameplay systems.

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tiffac0082483d ago

A bath scene... is that a new content?! O_O

LeonVesper2483d ago

Well, there's a bath scene in the P4 PS2 game, but it wasn't animated. It was using the in game engine.

tiffac0082482d ago

Thanks, I was surprise when I saw that screenshot. ^^;

CaptainSheep2483d ago

As if I needed another reason to buy the Vita.

SeraphimBlade2483d ago

That settles it, I'm buying a Vita instead of a 3DS

Studio-YaMi2483d ago

True,but he might not have much time to have too many consoles,that's why it bugs me when someone says that if you don't have all consoles then you're a fanboy,so what if I wanted only one console to have all my attention and has the games "I want" to play,not games that "others" like !

So if he sees that the 3DS doesn't have the games he want,then by all means go buy the Vita and have fun playing games of "your" choice.

BldyShdw2483d ago

That's completely valid. I was just asking. I really want a Vita but have never owned a psp so yeah...

MasterCornholio2482d ago

Because the 3DS doesnt provide me with the games or the tech that i would want in a handheld.

Mind you its just my opinion

SeraphimBlade2482d ago

Well, I guess the "correct" statement is "I will aim to save money and get Vita before aiming to save money and get 3DS"

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Lovable2483d ago

As I was saying like way when they announced Vita that if they release P4 on the portable then that pretty much the reason for me to get Vita day one. Miracles do come true afterall...

Ramas2483d ago

its fighting game or what? i want normal rpg not action :(

Cloudberry2482d ago

The other "Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena" is the fighting game.