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Submitted by Raichu50 1619d ago | review

Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution Review (EmptyLifebar)

"When Eidos announced that they would be remaking the classic PC stealth title Deus Ex, along with the great excitement there was also an undercurrent of doubt. Fear existed that developers would spawn another game like Invisible Wars – which although is set in the same world does not have the spirit of the original Deus Ex. Thankfully, the developers have lived up to the Deus Ex name, spawning an appropriate prequel to the series." (Deus Ex: Human Revolution, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 5/5

RyuHoshi  +   1619d ago
That picture is EVERYONE who played that game
Septic  +   1619d ago
Lol so true.
TheGreatGazoo  +   1619d ago
Is there supposed to be a 3 in the title?
pr0digyZA  +   1619d ago
The box doesn't say, but it is technically the third game in the series.
DemCowboys  +   1619d ago
kramun  +   1619d ago
Calling Deus Ex a stealth title is selling the game short. It was far more than just a stealth game, as is Human Revolution.
likemonstersdo  +   1619d ago
Makes me want to send back Nintendogs + Cats

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