Chun-Li VS Mai Shiranui - Death Battle

Street Fighter VS King of Fighters! Thighs VS boobs! The legendary Chun-Li duels the voluptuous Mai of SNK's Fatal Fury to end the arcade era's hottest rivalry!

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waltyftm2488d ago

Always preferred Mai to Chun li, guess i am more of a breast man than a leg man.

Me Bouncy !!!

caseh2488d ago

Chunners is stacked as well mind, she just doesn't have em hanging out like Mai. :)

CNXN2488d ago

yay mario sunshine music ! :D

also.... boobies :D

Inception2488d ago

how about...chun-li and mai have a 'girl on girl' scene XD

tarbis2488d ago

Yay, Mai won! LOL at the fatality. XD

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