Dyad: Music and Gameplay Fusion (PSN)

PlayStation Blog: When you hear the term “interactive music” you might think of “rhythm games” such as Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Frequency, or others of that nature. Dyad’s music system is very different from those games. There’s no beat matching or imposed rhythm in the game. The music doesn’t dictate play, nor does it judge you. Dyad’s music is reactive, meaning it’s mixed dynamically on the fly, based on the current game state and how you’re interacting with it. Each time you play a level, the music is different — playing Dyad can be viewed as a “performance” in a sense.

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Cajun Chicken2391d ago

Very awesome. Reminds me of Audiosurf.

RustInPeace2391d ago

What I want is a PS3 game like what the 360 has (made by an indie dev, don't know who) but it uses the music on your HDD & creates a dynamic level based on the music playing. You're a tiny ship just firing away on these incoming objects (kinda like Asteroids) but the intensity of the music makes your weapons pulsate... WHA THE HELL WAS ITS NAME?!?! (Atomic _____...?)

Cajun Chicken2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I think I know what game you mean and I believe a PSN port of it was announced quite recently. 'Beat Hazard'?

This game?

RustInPeace2390d ago

Yeah, that was it! I guess the Hazard part made me think atomic for some reason. That game was a blast to play & if a port is coming I have TONS of music ready for it.