Modern Warfare 3: Multiplayer World Premiere

COD XP officially announced :

Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer this Friday! Those attending should plan on arriving at the venue by 9:30am for check-in and seating. The Multiplayer Briefing will begin promptly at 11am PDT. Fans around the world can watch the live stream right here at!

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zeksta2489d ago

Why is it, that even though I'm barely interested in this game, I still want to see the MP aspect? :/

The Meerkat2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Its simple.

You're either a true gamer that is interested in seeing what everything has to offer.


You're a secret COD fan and you're in denial.


zeksta2489d ago

Honestly, I'm a gamer that doesn't really mind any game that's simply fun, easy to play or enjoyable :)

MaxXAttaxX2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

""Why is it, that even though I'm barely interested in this game, I still want to see the MP aspect?""

Because of the amount of hype and popularity surrounding these games. Curiosity is nothing out of the ordinary.
This has little to do with "being a true gamer" BS.

evrfighter2488d ago Show
StanLee2488d ago

There are A LOT of secret Call of Duty fans. Because if the internet is to be believed, Black Ops should have tanked, not outsold Modern Warfare 2.

On topic; I'm excited. I'm always excited for new guns, perks, killstreaks, maps and the same tried and true, old formula! :D

DirtyLary2487d ago

Secret fans? You mean closet fans.

Pretty much everyone, but they wont ever admit it.

MaxXAttaxX2486d ago

Is that seriously what you COD fans think? That everyone secretly loves your game? LOL

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frostyhat1232488d ago

Because you want to see if the have made real improvements this time around!

chriski3332488d ago

Want to see mw3 before the (world premiere) go play mw2 same shit

Septic2488d ago

So true zeksta. I really want to see the MP side of this too even though I'm more excited about BF3.

You never know; it could actually be good.

subtenko2487d ago

@ zeksta thats what I say about the Kinect. People are like wtf are you commenting if you hate kinect so much? Because Im still interested in when they will come out something that is stable and is cool. "Rise of Nightmares" is an example.

On the subject of COD, I too am interested in what they will show. Even though I hate COD I still have the right to form an opinion when I see this new footage that will release. I might even like it who knows.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

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shhhua2489d ago

I think he's #2

I'll be attending COD XP and I can't wait for everything they have planned for the event.

MGRogue20172488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Hopefully, we'll get alot of footage of the multi-player on here & YouTube. :)

Dart892488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

My friend bought 2 tix and offered me to go but i passed.

Wow a disagree just cuz i turned this down??Lol people these days.

Edit:For those wondering why in turned it down it's cuz it's my Girlfriends b-day this weeken.

@Below true :P.

Cosmit2488d ago

Its just a disagree on N4G. Relax buddy.

Jack_DangerousIy2488d ago


Finally someone else gets it. I feel like I've been taking crazy pills.


miDnIghtEr2488d ago

Who's ready for the Megaton? 32 players online! :)

KingDustero2488d ago

Lol why all the disagrees? A leaked screenshot of the 360 version did say 32 players for a gametype. Another showed the option to create a server.

Now it is possible that they're using dedicated servers, which can easily handle 32 player matches. If it is still PvP though it'll be unplayable.

I myself don't see it being 32 players on consoles, but it is easily possible if they're using dedicated servers.

Parasyte2488d ago

Thing is though, the community manager at Sledgehammer tweeted that those "leaked" screenshots were fakes. They were just really good fakes.

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