Resistance 3 Beta MP Gameplay: It’s All About the Kill Streak?

R3 Beta became open to everyone last night. Still only two game modes are available, Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction.

The killstreak oriented gameplay might not be for everyone. It can be fun but also it may get old very fast.

Smaller maps and smaller number of players encourages more of strategical holding (aka camping).

Still this was beta. The game will be released September 6.

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GamingManiac2332d ago

That shotgun sure is a little overpowered xD The Auger's fine, but that morph thing is a little ridiculous -.-

EeJLP-2332d ago

Yep, very scruby gameplay. Mostly shotgun and a bit of Atomizer.

Ocean2332d ago

I'll reserve judgement until i can get my hands on the game upon release