Sony shows off Simul-view 3D TV

3D! 2D! Simul-view! Subwoofer!

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remanutd552396d ago

im really , really tempted to buy one

gamingdroid2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

The real question is 3x (750 sq.inch vs 250 sq. inch) times the screen area or 3D feature?

That is 24" vs. 42" for the same price.

Even on split screen, the 42" will have about the same screen size as the 24" single.

inveni02395d ago

It's not really the same price since the Sony comes as a bundle. I think the decision will come down to whether or not you have the space for a larger screen. The 24" honestly seems suited best for dorm rooms or kids' rooms.

gamingdroid2395d ago

***It's not really the same price since the Sony comes as a bundle.***

To the consumer it will.... as you said, somebody either doesn't have the space, want the feature and don't mind the price to buy it.

I suspect most people would choose the 42" TV. I would....

JoGam2396d ago

I didn't know it has a Sub Woofer in the back. Wow! Too bad I have a 3D 55in Bravia, one pair of glasses though. :-(

Drekken2396d ago

Which model? I just got one too 55" Bravia.

The Meerkat2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

I knew Sony would find a novel way of implementing cross-game chat.

Just sit in the same room. /s

Silly gameAr2396d ago

Hey if you're gonna chat, why not do it face to face?

buddymagoo2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Talk is cheap..... wait a minute!

user83971442396d ago

The same old cross game chat thing. Give it a rest man its getting old. We have a 360 and its not as good as people say.

Miiikeyyy2396d ago

*Cough* The Meerkat is a douche

GamersRulz2396d ago

I am PS3 gamer but I find the joke really funny guys, C'mon guys

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thespaz2396d ago

3D is still a gimick for me.

kramun2396d ago

It is for most people.

Drekken2395d ago

Its a gimmick to anyone without a 3D TV.

thespaz2395d ago

Why would I waste my money on a 3DTV.... it's just a gimick to sell us new TVs that we don't want or need.

I've seen 3D and it's cool for a couple minutes and that's it. I don't even really care for 3D movies at the theater.

Drekken2395d ago

Why would you buy a new TV without 3D? The 2D quality is so much better with fast refresh rates.

ZILLA2396d ago

it gonna be sweeeet when me and my son are playing UNCHARTED 3 CO OP.

Ddouble2396d ago

Didn't know about the speakers and the sub woofer as well.

Still too expensive for me though here in the UK.

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