Bethesda: PS3 version of Skyrim "getting a ton of attention"

Bethesda comments on the graphics in the PlayStation 3 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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Supman2180d ago

ps3 should get equal attention
xbox should get equal attention
pc should get equal attention

its not fair if one get "more" attention.

dark-hollow2180d ago

Pc should never be equal with it's console counterparts.

digger182180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Since console owners pay more for their version, I would say they should get better treatment

"Since pc owners pay even MORE for their high end PCs, they should always get the superior version"

What complete and utter rubbish. If thats the way you think, well I guess they should charge double for the PC version then.

Why should the console owner pay more if they are going to get the gimped version?

dark-hollow2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Since pc owners pay even MORE for their high end PCs, they should always get the superior version.
That, and console developers has to pay licenses for publishing their game on consoles so that's why console games cost more than pc games.
@logic wins.

If you can't counter a valid argument, just press disagree and move along.
That's how n4g rolls....

LOGICWINS2180d ago

@dark-hollow- Why are you getting disagrees? Everything your saying makes perfect sense.

RemusN72180d ago

The PC version is the one that gets more support, not only by Bethesda, but by the modding community. Plus, TES has always been a PC series, so it seems like they would be giving their "fans" the middle finger if they payed more attention to the 360 version(even though the series has changed so much that I doubt that original Daggerfall or even Morrowind fans will play this).

kcuthbertson2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )


No...Skyrim is $60 on PC too. And they don't have to pay royalties to Sony or MS..It should be cheaper..PC gamers are paying more technically, not console gamers...

Still getting it for PC though.

Lol at my disagree's please explain to me how skyrim is not the same price as on consoles? It is..check any site.

digger182180d ago


Here in the UK, the PC version is £10 cheaper on the PC (gamestation)

Heartnet2180d ago

Its not Equal Its lesser :) Xbox 360 has gotton the best version Atm im fraid :)

Motorola2180d ago

But in the US, Skyrim is 60$. Check Steam.

ABizzel12180d ago

It shouldn't be getting "attention" it should be getting running like it's expected.

Dlacy13g2180d ago

@dark-hollow your high end PC will ensure you have a superior version on a whole with out special attention. Thats why YOU bought the high end choose to spend the money so you could tweak settings on your end to get the most out of what you play. Now if you told me you are going to pay Bethesda an extra money for the PC version of the game beyond what retail charges..then yes, I would suggest you should get a version that has been given special treatment. aren't, you won't and thus why your version shouldn't get any other special treatment than the other versions.

BubbleSniper2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

i dont know why people disagree with you. I will be bold enough to call the disagrees, idiots.

why should PC users have to deal with dumbed-down games because it has to be EQUAL to limited hardware such as consoles? (apologies console owners)

PC hardware SHOULD be used to the fullest extent that the devs are capable of. end of!

we buy our parts and full well know that we want that higher res, more AA, tessellation, advanced lighting, shadows, reflections, DOF and much, much more!

sorry bro, but PC ver. is going to have mods and people aren't just going to sit by and let what you claim become true under any circumstances. higher res texture mods, custom skns and what not... I don't believe what you say for even a millisecond

RedDead2180d ago

They should pay equal attention, they're just not going to limit what they're doing on the Pc version. Just go all out on it. Still equal attention to make sure all 3 are stable and can each reach their potential on the hardware

pixelsword2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

@ BubbleSniper:

I agree, but call it like it is:

It ain't the PS3 gimping the PC, it's the 360.

GTA has been gimped and so has Rage, FFXIII, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, and likely Crysis 2 because that was such a kick in the pants disappointment from the first game in many respects.

And to be honest, I hope the larger DVD size helps, and I think it will for many games; but to place blame on both the PS3 and 360. Until 360 exclusives or multi-platform games come out that are noticeably larger or has more going on than games in the past, that will be the deciding factor to truly say that such an issue is resolved.

Finally, as far as mods, the PS3 already has games that you can mod in; it's up to the developers to take advantage of it.

dark-hollow2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I find it funny it's ok to say the 360 is gimping the ps3 and it doesnt reach it full potential thus it need more attintion,
But be gone in hell if you sayed the pc is being gimped by ps3/360.
Even tho the difference between the pc and ps3 is WAAAAAAY bigger than the gap between the ps3 and the 360.

yamzilla2180d ago Show
Jack_DangerousIy2180d ago

Didn't see THAT response coming. You really help give your fellow pc gamers a good name. Good job.

kwyjibo2180d ago

"Since console owners pay more for their version, I would say they should get better treatment."

What an utter, utter crock. They pay more for their version, because they have to pay their licensing tax to the platform holders.

The margin from a PC game is higher, because not only do they skip the tax, digital distribution is significantly more popular on that platform which reduces the costs and middlemen.

And the PC should get the better treatment anyway, given that it's the benchmark. That is, if the developers have any artistic credibility whatsoever, because the PC offers the greatest canvas due to its significant technical advantage.

You can then gimp it down and then cut out the stuff those 2006 machines can't run.

dragunrising2180d ago

Comments like this and below reinforce the stereotype that PC gamers are grade A douches.

I'm glad that console gamers have mostly put aside their fanboyism to fight the growing PC elitism evident on almost every article discussing graphics.

Whatever version of Skyrim you end up buying, you'll get more than your monies worth. End of debate.

DaTruth2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I have an HDTV; yet most channels are shown in SD! Why? Some people pay more for 3DTV's; yet 99% of content is in 2D. Why? Because that is the way it is!

Paying more for my hardware doesn't automatically mean I will get upgraded content; that is the price you pay! If you blindly walk into that, you are a victim of your own ignorance!

That is why you're getting disagrees; because that is not the way the world works and most people know this!

Edit: Also, the product that brings in the most money will always get the most attention and as much as it bothers PC guys, consoles sell more software, like 2DTV is watched by more people and thus brings in more ad revenue!

NukaCola2180d ago

Well each system should have equaly treatment in the fact the devs should give each system its maximum potential. I mean not one system should be a port or get the short end of the stick. Regardless of the outcome, each version should be given it;s fullest care. Of course the Pc will get the best because it is the most advanced system. And of course PS3 and 360 should be maximumized as well.

It may not seem equal, but what I mean is they give the PC 110% attention, PS3 and 360 deserve 110% as well.

I feel I am not getting my point across the way I want. Even if there was a Wii version, I am jst stating they should still use the system to it's full potential.

Anyway I am glad that they are ensuring the PS3 version will be up to par. This game look crazy awesome. I really would like to see how the new engine works with PS3. Gamebryo wasn't too kind.

hiredhelp2180d ago

Its a sad world we live in this erea were you have words like Fanboy's and Meh" and have people hate on watever you prefer.
Now it seems console rage has turned into people hating on pc gamers.

Sad very Sad. Enjoy what you have screw the rest

bozebo2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

By saying that the ps3 version is getting a ton of attention they mean that it is getting just as much attention as other platforms - which would be a ton.

"Since console owners pay more for their version, I would say they should get better treatment"

Console owners pay more for their version but less of it goes to the developer than the PC version, they have to pay a platform fee to Sony/MS and pay for the packaging and distribution (compared to a digital purchase for example).

PC doesn't need anything special tbh, Bethesda already have the 'mod' tools for use in-house so it's just a case of releasing them.

And often the source textures used to model some assets are higher resolution than those on the consoles, so the highest level mip-map on PC is often higher res (i.e. the artists made them like that anyway).

None of that takes any extra effort from the developer, it is just the decision to allow the benefits to exist. That is why developers like Bethesda are good and a lot of people complain about console ports from other developers - because they naively refuse to allow simple benifits to happen.

MaxXAttaxX2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

We all know where that usually leads. So they say this to make sure people know that it'll be equal.

gamingdroid2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

***Comments like this and below reinforce the stereotype that PC gamers are grade A douches.***

It seems it swings both ways:

a) PC gamers upset consoles are holding back their game

b) PS3 gamers blame it on Xbox 360

c) Xbox 360 gamers blame it on PS3

Everyone else just plays the game, never knows the difference, never cares and just enjoys the game!

There are compromises whichever way you swing sometimes more on one than the other, but no matter what platform there are compromises. In essence they all hold back games. If you think anything otherwise, you are ignorant!

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Corrwin2180d ago

This is Bethesda we're talking about.

Even when they only made PC games they ended up buggy and unoptimized for several months after release.

ikkokucrisis2180d ago

If the framerates are like the Fallout 3 series, I'll pass on this one.

Takoulya2180d ago

The platform with the highest potential should get more attention, IMO. PC should be the highest priority, and the PS3/360 should be made about equal.

Jdoki2180d ago

In an ideal world that may be true.

But the reality is they will ALL be given just enough attention to ensure the product ships on time with no show-stopping bugs or major issues.

It'll then be patched to remove more minor bugs and add a few optimisations if possible.

Corrwin2180d ago

Surely if you can optimize the code to make the PS3 and 360 beautiful, the PC will look even better without effort?

Heartnet2180d ago

Console shud get more attention as thats where most of their sales will come from :)

modesign2179d ago

people that buy a game for console compared to pc is 1000 to 1, so its obvious that the console versions are getting more attention, its good to optimize both console and pc versions,

kcuthbertson2179d ago


I bet you everything I own that it's not 1000 to 1... made 3 or 4 to 1...but not 1000

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BeAGamer2180d ago

quit whining